Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bledsoe or Romo, Who 'Ya Got?

Last night Tony Romo finally got the nod at starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. Unfortunately, he wasn’t much of an improvement from the man the replaced Drew Bledsoe. Each played a half, with Romo throwing for more yards, 227 to Bledsoe’s 111. Romo also threw two touchdowns versus none for Bledsoe. However Romo had three interceptions to Bledsoe’s one.
So who should the Cowboys go with next week against the Carolina Panthers and consequently the rest of the season? I would argue that Romo is the way to go-mo. Although Romo did not perform anywhere near where he was expected to, I do believe that the main difference between Romo and Bledsoe is that Romo has upside. We know what we are getting with Bledsoe, an old statue that makes poor decisions with the ball. Romo at least needs a chance to see what he can do. I am not saying that Romo is the answer but at least the Cowboys organization needs to know that. I am 100% sure right now that Drew Bledsoe is not the answer. I have no idea how Romo will play in future contests. For those people who might think that I am being too hard on Bledsoe, well I am not the first person who didn’t think that he could be a quality NFL starting quarterback. Bill Belicheck didn’t think Bledsoe could get the job done either that is why he gave him to the Buffalo Bills. Bills coach Mike Mularkey also didn’t think Bledsoe had what it took and let him go too. However Bill Parcells likes Bledsoe and also the Cowboys didn’t have many options at quarterback at the time, so Drew came to Dallas. However his time has clearly passed and now we look to the future. Let Romo quarterback this team for the rest of the year. After these next ten games the Cowboys will know whether Romo is the future of this franchise or not. If not, then they address the quarterback position in next year’s draft or free agency. What do you think the Cowboys options are at quarterback at this point?


Blogger Phil Silva said...

you summed that up pretty well, and i think they should let Romo take over. cause like you said, we know what that statuesque puss can bring to the table. but Romo has better upside. who knows if he'll be the next tom brady or shaun king?? well i do know thatd be better to find out this season than hold the franchise hostage like the RB situation a few years back. if you want to know exactly what im talkin about, see dolphins PM. (post marino)

7:08 AM  
Blogger pete silva said...

for now romo should be da man. if he fails, grab my boy Bobby Reid from Oklahoma State/Galena Park north shore. he is the real deal and is 3rd in the nation in passer rating. u know im a sucker for homers!

i'm stilla sucker for cornrows i neva change that!

8:05 AM  

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