Friday, October 20, 2006

Shaq Don't Like Jack Dissin' Black

Rarely as of recent has a movie come along that I really, really wanted to shell out the $7 for and break down and go see it. Then I saw the previews for the new Scorsese flick, “The Departed” and it seemed interesting enough. Then there is the all-star cast including DiCaprio, Matt Damon, Nicholson, Wahlberg, Martin Sheen, Alec Baldwin, the dude from the Donald Logue show, and last but not least, the great Anthony Anderson (you didn’t know he was in this picture) and how could I pass this up! Then the reviews came out and it seemed like everyone who saw this movie absolutely loved it. Well, almost everyone. Shaq and his wifey recently went out to see the movie and were heard groaning and sighing loudly because at the beginning of the movie apparently Jack Nicholson says “nigger”. It was also reported Shaq and wifey left within minutes because they didn’t like the use of the offensive term. I haven’t seen the film yet, so I really would have to see what the content of the scene is when the dialogue is used before passing judgment. I mean, I would never agree that it’s okay to degrade people with words, but often times we do view many things we don't agree with (gratuitous violence comes to mind) for the sake of entertainment. Also I’m sure Jack was acting and I know he attends lots of Laker games so I would imagine he has love for bruthas, at least for Kobe. But in the end, if Shaq was truly offended then I would say he did well by walking out of the movie and taking a stand for his beliefs.

Scorsese’s Flick Doesn’t Score With Shaq (Hiphopdx)


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