Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Silva Sportz Second Celebrity Spokesman?

Just about a week after we posted regarding the possibility of Darrent Williams becoming Silva Sportz first professional spokesman, we may have a second ambassador in the works. Whom you may ask? Well it’s none other than Syracuse quarterback Perry Patterson. You may remember Patterson was featured as a Look-A-Like on Silva Sportz last Saturday. Well that very day, Patterson, a relative unknown before, achieved national notoriety for giving the finger to the West Virginia fans during the Orangemen’s game against the Mountaineers. ESPN was airing the game and caught Patterson red-handed, or rather red-fingered. The clip was aired over and over on ESPN that weekend. Patterson has since apologized saying, "I made an out-of-character gesture to the fans and I let them get to me. It's not what represents Syracuse. It's not what Coach is trying to build in this program. It was completely out of character. I was embarrassed. I felt bad about it.” We here at Silva Sportz forgive you Perry. In fact we’d like to propose something like this as a business deal between us. Can't wait to hear from you soon!


Blogger pete silva said...

mike wants a foam finger

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