Saturday, October 14, 2006

No Wonder Ohio State Is Number One!

Much has been made about the fact that Ohio State’s newest stud linebacker, James Laurinaitis, is the son of former wrestler Animal
of L.O.D./Road Warrior fame. The jokes have been relentless, “he plays like an animal”, and so on and so on. Most of the comparisons between father and son are pretty lame until today. I heard on College Gameday that Laurinaitis hits his fellow linebacker Marcus Freeman with a chair before games to get themselves fired up. It didn't give specifics, such as does Freeman take it on the back like Zeus or does Animal Jr. hit him on the dome? I wonder if Tressel knows about this? Either way they are cool for that. Their routine might even beat John Henderson’s pre-game ritual.


Blogger pete silva said...

i too heard that live and now that replaces Lattimer slapping pads and spitting as the coolest pre-game hype.

12:45 PM  

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