Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mike and Mike Break Down Disney

This morning on Mike and Mike (and I am not sure how they got on this topic) Golic and Greeny talked about who has the remote in their house. Golic says his 11 year old daughter is the hardest to get it away from. Greeny then says that his kids watch Hannah Montana and he really likes it. Golic says something about how much he likes the show too. Golic says, “I don’t know how they haven’t figured out who she is yet!” Greeny says, “You know it’s got Billy Ray Cyrus.” Golic: “And his daughter, his real daughter!” Greeny then says that in his household they watch Suite Life and he really likes that one. And then he remarks that Ashley Tisdale was the same one in High School Musical. (By the way, click on that Ashley Tisdale link to hear an ill remix of “Kiss The Girl” from Little Mermaid) They also mentioned something about That’s So Raven.


Blogger pete silva said...

mike and mike are cool for that

7:57 AM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

ashley tisdale is fine

1:12 PM  

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