Monday, October 09, 2006

Who Was Bledsoe Throwing To?

I know that immediately after the Cowboys got beat by the Eagles, many people including myself, placed the blame on Cowboys' signal caller Drew Bledsoe. However, Peter King has a good article that breaks down Bledsoe's passing attempts from Sunday. Many people have complained that the Cowboys didn't feed T.O. enough during the game, including Deion Sanders. King responds to Sanders comments blaming Bledsoe for not getting Owens the ball earlier and more often in the game. King says,
"I can understand Sanders' feelings about Romo being a better fit for this offense right now -- a lot of people feel that way. But it's just wrong for anyone to say that Owens was not enough of a focus of the Dallas game plan on Sunday. Bledsoe threw 35 percent of his attempts to Owens. Only two were in the first half; that's the only thing I might say was out of whack. But none of us can know how many times Owens was the first read in Bledsoe's progression, times when he couldn't get to him because of the pressure. I sincerely doubt Owens was the first in the progression only twice. Bledsoe just had to continually look to his checkdowns."

Trouble's Brewing (


Anonymous Phil said...

5 things he thinks he thinks....

6:50 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

t.o. is super gay now for getting 13 balls thrown his way and only getting 3, although 2 were INT

7:52 AM  

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