Monday, October 16, 2006

Florida International and Miami's Battle Royale

So now that a few days have passed since the royal rumble that occurred at the OB between the “M” and FIU, we are beginning to see what type of punishment will be handed down to those involved.
The ACC and Miami suspended 13 players. All will miss Saturday's game at winless Duke. Sophomore safety Anthony Reddick was suspended indefinitely. Here is a list of the Miami players suspended along with their number so that you can find them in the film clip and see exactly what their part was in the melee.
Anthony Reddick #26, this is homeboy swinging his helmet like a club.
Carlos Armour #27
Chris Barney #79
James Bryant #45
Tyrone Byrd #67, comes charging in and tackles/bodyslams FIU player
DajLeon Farr #11, runs into the middle out of nowhere and throws a bow/forearm blow to an FIU players back
Ryan Hill #12
Bruce Johnson #22
Charlie Jones #34
Brandon Meriweather #19, Team Captain, visited a Children’s Hospital Friday morning, just a day before he was stomping fools. He is the one putting in work with his feet.
Brian Monroe #15
Derrick Morse #71, spears into the pile after his bubba is taken down
Randy Phillips #6

In addition to the ACC suspensions announced yesterday, the University of Miami Athletic Department is taking the following action:
• With respect to fighting, any future violation will subject student-athletes to seasonal or permanent suspensions
• The Athletic Department has re-emphasized to the football coaching staff the University's commitment to the principles of sportsmanship and their responsibility to communicate this principle to the student-athletes.
• The coaches will be held accountable for any violation of this principle.
• Any further action by a student-athlete that violates these principles will not be tolerated by the University.
• Further, additional disciplinary measures will be taken for all involved players, including community service and other unspecified actions.
Meanwhile, the Golden Panthers took a harsher stance -- dismissing two players, Chris Smith, #26 and Marshall McDuffie Jr, #24, and extending the suspensions of all other 16 sanctioned players indefinitely. Smith is the one who tackles the Miami player and punches him in the face. McDuffie Jr is pushed back by an official out of the screen, then charges back in and kicks the down Miami player in the head. FIU said that the suspended players also will participate in 10 hours of anger-management counseling, fulfill 50 hours of community service targeted at South Florida youth and remain on athletic probation through the end of the school year.

So is the one game suspension enough? Not in my opinion. I don’t really see how the suspension is much punishment. Did you know that this was the Hurricanes' third fight in their last seven games? And all that happens is that the 13 Miami players will miss Saturday’s game against Duke who is last in the ACC and hasn’t won a game all year. Sitting out this week against Duke just doesn’t count as any kind of meaningful punishment. And if you think it does, just ask Duke. You may think that FIU set the better example by dismissing two players from the team, however what you may not know is that the two players will remain on scholarship at FIU, meaning although they can’t play football, they will still receive a free education.
One of the other big issues regarding the brawl was what would happen to Lamar Thomas, one of the announcers who made the infamous comments in the above clip.
Thomas told ESPN's Dan Patrick on his radio show Monday that he was "a little hyped up," and "Anybody who knows me knows I played the game of football with my heart on my sleeve," Thomas told Patrick. Thomas also added, "Certainly in no way do I condone fighting, but what I was trying to say is that back in my day we would have handled our business." What? I think that means you do condone fighting, Lamar. All I can say is that since Thomas likes brawling so much, he may need to begin looking for a career with the WWE or something because Thomas was fired by Comcast Sports SouthEast Monday for his foolish comments. I also was curious as to how Thomas’ partner in the booth, Jason Solodkin felt, so I asked him. I sent Solodkin an e-mail and told him that I appreciated his professionalism during the obviously awkward moment of hearing his co-announcer attempt to justify what was taking place in front of them. I also asked Solodkin how he felt as he heard the comments Thomas’ made and what action he thought, if any, should be taken. Solodkin e-mailed me back this response:
Thank you for your comments. I believe a decision was made by the station regarding Lamar's position on the broadcast. I felt the scene on the screen could tell the story, and I was startled by the violence on the field. There really isn't too much that can be said in a situation like that (or that should be said, I suppose)..."
So I guess that’s it for now. But don’t expect this thing to go away anytime soon. The repercussions from Saturday will be felt for years to come by both universities and several players and coaches.


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derrick morse is the only cool one for defending his man

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FIU is gay fool (in kermit voice).

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