Tuesday, October 17, 2006

9 vs 11 Isn't Fair...Or Is It?

Tell me why the Lyle-Klickitat-Wishram Cubs 7th graders are playing 11-man football with only 9 players? I know you think this was a one time thing due to injury or some other odd circumstance, but the truth is this is how the Cubs normally play week in and week out. Now you’re saying, “well these kids must suck” but the truth is the Lyle-Klickitat-Wishram Cubs haven’t lost a game in two years. The nine players, all of whom are playing every down of every game, say they do get tired, but refuse to give up. Coach Don Smith says, "They've got 50 kids our first game. I said 'guys, so what, we've got more heart than all 50- 48 kids over there'" Wow. I’ll give the Cubs their props ,but how embarrassing is that to get beat by this team? I would also be interested to see what kind of formations they line up in and what kind of defense they run.

Read complete story and watch video here:
Lyle Football Team Shows It’s Heart (Katu.com)


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