Saturday, October 21, 2006

Jerry Porter's Role Model Has To Be T.O.

I just came across Andrea Kremer’s blog at NBC sports. Andrea is a sideline reporter for NBC’s Sunday Night football show. I think the official name is something like, “NBC Sunday Night Football Night in America for Football on Sunday Night.” Something like that. Normally I don’t give the female sideline reporters much credence, and it has nothing to do with me being sexist. It’s just most of the time those chics (okay kinda sexist) don’t have much worthy to say, other than who injured what and how. Kremer’s blog however may be the exception, as it is rather insightful. Her most recent posting is about her most recent assignment, the Raiders vs Broncos game from the 15th. Kremer begins by basically ripping the Raiders. She isn’t really ripping them per se, but more like being honest about where they stand, which in turn reads as ripping. She writes this regarding the Raiders: “You simply know they're going to lose. You can feel it during the game and you can see it in the blank stare of their head coach, Art Shell. Sunday night, Shell must have felt like an emergency room doctor who couldn't stop the bleeding of a trauma patient rushed into the hospital.” Kremer then goes on to say that Oakland can’t lure top coaches there and top players don’t want to stay. Kremer then reports some news regarding wide-out Jerry Porter than was interesting, to say the least. On October 14th Porter was suspended for four games for conduct detrimental to the team. What exactly does “conduct detrimental to the team” mean? (Here’s where it gets juicy) Kremer reports that,
in Friday's (October 13) practice, Porter was goofing around and Shell asked him to stop. He continued to mess around saying he was just having fun and Shell didn't exactly embrace that attitude. Porter continued complaining about the length of practice -- "how bleeping long are we practicing today." That was it for Shell and he kicked him off the field.
But it doesn’t stop there, no sirree! Kremer goes on to say that it looked like Porter was actually going to possibly get some P.T. for the first time all season due to an injury to Johnny Morant, the Raiders other receiver. Porter had been running scout team for the defense but when Shell asked him to get some reps with the first team offense Porter refused to join them! As if that wasn’t bad enough the problems go back even farther than that. Kremer goes on to say,
Shell said the problems extend beyond their issues in the off season when coach and player clearly got off on the wrong foot from day one, with comments like, Porter complaining that the Raiders should've hired Mike Martz. As for the man Shell did hire as his offensive coordinator, Tom Walsh told me the last meaningful conversation he had with Porter was in February, a few days after he was hired, when Porter came by his office to introduce himself and talk about some basic concepts of the offense. One Raider official told me that in addition, back in March, Porter let it be known to the coaches: "if you put me on the field, you don't know what you'll get from me." I'm told it was said in a tone more as a taunt than an excited-to-show-you-what-I-can-do attitude....
Wow, Porter is a piece of work and I ain’t just talking about this. I don’t know what happened to make Porter think that his s*** don’t stink, but I will give Art Shell props for putting him in his place. The Ray-duhs may be a freakin’ joke, but they are Art Shell’s freakin’ joke and don’t you forget it! Anyway, you may want to check out Andrea Kremer’s other blogs, as she has proven to me that sideline broads (sexist??) sometimes have something worthwhile to say after all.

Notes, quotes, and anecdotes Week 6 (Andrea Kremer’s blog courtesy of NBC Sports)
Jerry Porter suspended (AOL Sports Fanhouse)


Blogger pete silva said...

jerry porter is gay. as is the ray-duhs. there is too much work to be done to make the raiders good. u could say they just need a Q but he would get killed cuz a sucky o-line, no recievers but Moss, and no run game to rely on, and no D to bail you out. this is what they need:

sign good o-linemen(preferably) 5

another wide out who is worth a "two" job (after moss, all the WR are 3's and 4's)

a handfull of D playmakers(mikey huff is the man but he has to cover 2 wideouts, a TE and a back out the flats cuz they suck)

fire art shell

then a good Q

and finally just go watch playmakers

8:07 AM  

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