Sunday, August 13, 2006

UFC News and Notes

First the bad news. It is being reported that the highly anticipated Chuck Liddell/Vanderlei Silva fight is off as of now. The fight was supposed to go down at UFC 65 in November but UFC Prez Dana “No” White hinted it could be off due to problems with Pride, the organization Silva fights out of. Silva was going to attempt to be the first man to unify the Pride title and UFC title. I have no idea who would have won, but actually if you got Liddell, Silva, and then Big John McCarthy in the octagon together, there could have been a serious explosion due to kingness overload. Dana White also hinted that since Silva was a no go UFC 65 would likely headline with Liddell fighting Tito Ortiz. I personally don’t know how that would go down as Tito is supposed to fight less than a month before. Who is Tito fighting?

Well, that brings me to the good or bad news, depending on how you look at it. As you may have heard Ken Shamrock and Tito Ortiz III is gonna be on like donkey kong. The third fight between rivals will be sometime in October and this time instead of on pay per view, it will televised for free on Spike TV. This is supposedly because many people were unhappy with the outcome of Ortiz/Shamrock’s most recent fight on PPV. If you missed it, Ortiz beat down Shamrock in less than a minute. Mike Doyle has a great article on why this fight might not be as exciting as you think. Doyle concludes the following. Why Ortiz wants this fight: Represents another easy payday for something he could accomplish sleepwalking. Why Shamrock wants this fight: Simply put, Shamrock is delusional. If you gave him two Popsicle sticks he would likely wage war against a thousand Hezbollah trained guerrillas. Read the entire article here. So while I agree with Doyle, I will also admit I will definitely tune in to the three-match (third rematch). Why? Well because like De La Hoya once said, “Dios mijo, it’s fun watching Shamrock get punched.”
I hate Shamrock. He is a baby and if you think he is the most dangerous man, then you must also think surfing the web is dangerous and you are scared right now. Shamrock is still complaining about the last fight. He even had the gall to claim he was just about to get up and "break Tito's will." Yeah, Shamscrub, lot’s of people talk a big game after their beating is over. The final straw for me might be that Shamwimp called Herb Dean a coward because as gayboy puts it, Dean wouldn’t admit the he messed up by stopping the fight. Herb prolly saved Gayrock from severe damage and that is all the most dangerous woman can say? I know one pay per view I would order - Herb Dean beating up Ken Wussrock.

Finally, the really good news. The upcoming UFC events look to have some great match-ups. UFC 62 already has Liddell/Babalu and Griffin/Bonnar. UFC 63 will be headlined by a rematch between Matt Hughes and Georges St. Pierre. Hughes submitted St. Pierre in 2004 at UFC 50. Dana White says the winner of Hughes-St. Pierre will face either the undefeated Diego Sanchez or Karo Parisyan, who headline the Aug. 17 Fight Night on Spike TV. Whatever the outcome, we should see some excellent matches involving talented fighters. If you think that’s nice how ‘bout UFC 64. White says 64 will feature middleweight champion Rich Franklin against Anderson Silva. So potentially Situ could knock out Jim Carey. Could be..could be… Finally, Frank Mir will take on the highly rated Brandon (The Truth) Vera at UFC 65. What match are you looking forward to most? What match would you love to see scheduled that maybe hasn't been yet?


Blogger Situ said...

I wanna see Matt Hammil get in the ring, also the Count needs to beat someone up. Finally, Maine-iac better watch out for Snowman Munson!

1:06 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

earth needs to look out for Frank Trigg. yes he usually gets whooped but he's still da man! At wrestlemania: Landry/Trigg could beat any tag team on earth.

3:01 PM  

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