Thursday, August 03, 2006

How Situ Sees 'em - NFC South Edition

Here’s my rundown of the NFC South in the order that they finished last year. For my key additions, only those players who I feel will make a significant contribution are listed. As for key losses, they’re players the team should really miss.

Tamba Bay Buccaneers
2005 Record: 11-5
Key additions:
Jamie Winborn, LB
Davin Joseph, OL

Key losses:
Dexter Jackson, DB

Tampa Bay was ranked 1st in total defense last year. More impressive is that for the last nine years the Bucs have ranked in the top ten in defense, and with 10 starters returning on defense, they do not appear to have fallen off. Their only question marks will be on offense where this is a young group. Limo gets the reigns full-time this year and after seeing his leadership down the stretch and in the playoffs, he looks ready. They have young weapons around him in Cadillac, Mike Clayton, and a promising Alex Smith. Tampa Bay had the advantage of surprising people last year but this year it will be a disappointment if they don’t reach the playoffs. Two things to watch for: No depth behind Limo, the age of the defense, and they have David Boston.

Carolina Panthers
2005 Record: 11-5
Key additions:
Keith Adams, LB
Na'il Diggs, LB
Keyshawn Johnson, WR
Damione Lewis, DT
Justin Hartwig, C
Maake Kemoeatu, DT
Deangelo Williams, RB
Richard Marshall, CB

Key losses:
Will Witherspoon, LB

Much like the Seahawks who beat Carolina in the conference championship, the Panthers were a very good team last year who have only gotten better. On offense they have Deshaun Foster back healthy and they added Deangelo Williams in the draft. This two headed monster should be capable of handling the rushing load. Also the offense added big Keesh, who whether you like him or not he is a productive, possession receiver. He should be a great complement to Steve Smith who is the deep threat. On defense, the Panthers added several players to generate tough competition to ultimately get the best player on the field and then have quality backups. The last two years Kris Jenkins has died early and it left a hole in the d-line. This year the Panthers added Kemoeatu and Lewis to shore up the line. John Fox and his staff are amongst the best in the league. This team is loaded so look for them deep in the playoffs again this year.

Atlanta Falcons
2005 Record: 8-8
Key additions:
John Abraham, DE
Chris Crocker, S
Wayne Gandy, OT
Lawyer Milloy, S
Jimmy Williams, DB

Key losses:Brady Smith, DE

(for this entire summary any time the words “Atlanta Falcons” appear they are to be read in a Moe Szyslak voice when he held a mug in front of his mouth)
The Atlanta Falcons have led the league in rushing the last two years and show no signs of slowing soon. They have an underrated offensive line and if that midget Dunn and fat Duckett can get the job done, then more power to them. The Atlanta Falcons have struggled in passing but I blame that more on the West Coast system than its players. Look for White and Jenkins to have breakout years this season. I still maintain that Vick is one of the most dangerous players in the league when used correctly. For more on that, read here. The offense has weapons and has the potential to be explosive. As for the defense they struggled last year and I believe the additions of Lawyer Milloy and John Abraham will help them. I like the Atlanta Falcons to be in the playoffs as a wildcard.

New Orleans Saints
2005 Record: 3-13
Key additions:
Drew Brees, QB
Scott Fujita, LB
Bryan Scott, FS
Omar Stoutmire, DB
Reggie Bush, RB

Key losses:
LeCharles Bentley, C
Wayne Gandy, OT
Darren Howard, DE

The Saints Tom Benson and Sean Payton have to be two of the most conceited people in the world. They both think that a city devastated by Katrina where thousands of people lost everything, will forget all about their past if the Saints win a few ball games. Sorry to burst your bubble but people in New Orleans will not have all their worries eradicated if the Saints have a winning record. If they do, then people in New Orleans are gay for caring more about the gay ‘Aints than about rebuilding their lives. The New Orleans Saints were a bad ball club last year. They are also disillusioned that Reggie Bush will turn this team around by himself. I am very interested to see if Bush can make the spectacular plays that he made in college on the NFL level. Bush does have the advantage in that the load isn’t squarely on his shoulders, as he does have Deucey. Drew Brees is still recovering from getting his shoulder squashed in a dog pile. If he is the Drew Brees of old he has decent receivers. The defense could have a pass rush with Will Smith and Charles Grant. D-line-good, linebackers - crappy, secondary - decent. The Saints can’t contend with their brothers in the division but they don’t seem to care as long as they have Reggie Bush. I don’t care what anyone says, his commercial about Fantasy where he takes L.J. is funny.

In conclusion, although it is tough to argue against the NFC East as the toughest division, I will throw the NFC South into the debate. How about this OuT oF wHaCk StAt: In each of its four years of existence, the NFC South has sent a team at least as far as the NFC Championship. Anytime the teams play each other this year, you’ll wanna watch that game not only to see a competitive battle, but also to see many of the best, most exciting players in the league at their position. Look for at least three teams to make the playoffs out of this division and not only that, but one team could possibly end up in Miami.

1) Carolina Panthers
2) Atlanta Falcons
3) Tampa Bay Buccaneers
4) New Orleans Saints

Previous divisions by Situ: NFC West, AFC East, AFC North, AFC West, AFC South


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nice moe link, i did read in his voice.

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the panthers can win it easy if people dont get hurt.

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