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How Situ Sees 'em - NFC West Edition

Here’s my rundown of the NFC West in the order that they finished last year. For my key additions, only those players who I feel will make a significant contribution are listed. As for key losses, they’re players the team should really miss.

Seattle Seahawks
2005 Record: 13-3

Key additions:
Tom Ashworth, OT
Nate Burleson, WR
Julian Peterson, LB
Kelly Jennings, CB
Daryl Tapp, DE

Key losses:
Steve Hutchinson, G
Joe Jurevicius, WR

You may find this hard to believe but the defending NFC Champions have only improved their team. Their biggest loss was Steve Hutchinson and that loss will actually turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Pork Chop Womack is ready to step up and take that spot and they also picked up Tom Ashworth from the Pats who can play guard or tackle. This is still one of the better o-lines in the league and with Hutchinson leaving, the running game should be more balanced, not to mention the entire offense. I think Shaun Alexander has a better chance to break 2,000 yds than Larry Johnson does. Alexander has been very consistent with his production, improving his yards and average the last four years. Their best receiver, Darrel Jackson is back after missing more than half the season last year. In Jackson’s absence Bobby Engram stepped up and while only playing in 13 games had a respectable 67 grabs. Also they added Nate Burleson and Peter Warrick, who are both more physically gifted than Jurevicious was. As for the defense they are getting Ken Hamlin back and they added Julian Peterson to the defense that led the NFL in sacks last year. They have a sick secondary of Herndon, Trufant, Boulware, and Hamlin and rookie Jennings should hold his own as nickel back. This team isn’t challenged in their division and should breeze into the playoffs where they will be a contender to get back to the big one. Even if Shauny goes down by the Madden curse, I will still take them to win the division with Mo Morris.

St. Louis Rams
2005 Record: 6-10

Key additions:
Scott Linehan, Head Coach
Fakhir Brown, CB
Corey Chavous, S
Tony Fisher, RB
La'Roi Glover, DT
Raonall Smith, LB
Todd Steussie, OT
Will Witherspoon, LB
Tye Hill, CB
Joe Klopenstein, TE
Claude Wroten, DT

Key losses:
Adam Archuleta, S
Tyoka Jackson, DT
Damione Lewis, DT
Ryan Pickett, DT

When you watch the Rams play this year you will see a different Rams team from the “greatest show on turf” years. Linehan will run a more balanced offense and look for them to put Giseppie to work. There defense stuggled badly last year (30th total) and though they brought in some new blood there are still some question marks on the defense. Also other than Giseppie, the Rams are getting old on offense. I don’t see them being terrible, their offense should still be able to put some points on the board. You may even want to consider the Bulge or ’Seppo for fantasy.

Arizona Cardinals
2005 Record: 5-11

Key additions:
Milford Brown, G
Kendrick Clancy, DT
Edgerrin James, RB
Matt Leinart, QB
Deuce Latui, OL
Leonard Pope, TE
Gabe Watson, DT

Key losses:
No one special

The Cardinals are a very interesting team. If just having cool people on your team were all that mattered, then the Cowboys and Cardinals would be the two best teams in the league. Unfortunately no matter how good the ‘Cards look on papel, it didn’t transfer to the field last year. They do have lots of upside. Did you know that only one team in the NFL last year was in the top ten in both total offense and total defense? Nope, not Pittsburgh, Indy, or the Chi-attle Bearhawks. It was Arizona. For real, look it up. Also Arizona had a league high 15 players who ended up on IR last year including the great Bert Berry and Antrel Rolle. So with several key players back from injury and two of the best wideouts in the league, then why isn’t Arizona poised for a deep play-off run? Well even though the defense was 8th in total D, they were also 27th in points allowed so in reality they were crappy. Another ranking the ‘Cards weren’t proud to hold was 32nd in rushing. They are hoping Edge James can solve that but this ain’t high school ball where one man can carry you. I do think the O-line got better though so with that passing attack, they should pull themselves out of the rushing doldrums. Arizona has improved and though I would be shocked beyond belief if they won this division, I wouldn’t be totally surprised if they snuck into the play-offs as a wild card.

San Francisco 49ers
2005 Record: 4-12

Key additions:
Larry Allen, G
Antonio Bryant, WR
Walt Harris, CB
Vernon Davis, TE
Manny Lawson, LB
Parys Haralson, DT
Anyone who wants to come play will help this team, kids off the street, anyone.

Key losses:
Fred Beasley, FB
Andre Carter, DE
Anthony Clement, OL
Brandon Lloyd, WR
Julian Peterson, LB

It would be really easy for me to just trash this team, who is obviously in a rebuilding phase. However, I want to be different so I will take the optimistic route. I will give you six reasons why the 49ers will be an improved team this year.
1) Won the last two games of the season last year. Turning things around!
2) Lost to Jags, Seahawks, and Cowboys by a combined total of just 6 points.
3) NFC West not the greatest division
4) Alex Smith had better record than Troy Aikman his rookie year.
5) These people are on coaching staff – Norv Turner, Mike Singletary, and George Warhop.
6) 1st two draft picks, Vernon Davis and Manny Lawson are freaks and will contribute immediately.
So now do you believe that San Francisco is turning things around? Then you’re a fool. They might be turning things around, but they have no place to go but up as both offense and defense were 32nd in the league last year. Who are we kidding, this team needs a lot of work and while I do think they can improve on their 4 wins last year, don’t expect too much more anytime soon.

In conclusion, no team in the division, other than Seattle even had a winning record last year. That Super Bowl curse that is supposed to get the previous year’s loser ain’t happenin’ this year. Pete, you can deny seahawks are real but they clearly exist. And you can deny the Seahawks owning this division in ’06 but they clearly will. Count on the ‘Hawks being the clear cut winner and the Cards and Rams to battle for second. The 49ers, well they can just watch old game film from the eighties when they weren’t a joke.

1) Seattle Seahawks
2) Arizona Cardinals
3) St. Louis Rams
4) San Francisco 49ers

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Blogger pete silva said...

that milford link was the greatest ever!

7:52 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

also a sick kids comment and ken hall link

7:54 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

thank you, thank you. I try my best. PS (the Milford link was dedicated to you)

8:33 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

make sure that you read that whole Ken Hall article. He was such a king. In 1950 he was 6'1" 205 and ran a 4.3 In one game he touched the ball 9 times and scored everytime. In another game he had a 47 yd avg. It also says many games he didn't play the second half!

9:02 PM  
Blogger Willie B said...

props on the picks, Situ is finally learnin, however if the Hawks werent so damn good, i think the Card might have a chance, maybe for the division win , or a wild-card is very possible

10:24 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

Keifer that argument makes no sense. Any team would be good if the other teams better than them just weren't so good!

11:01 PM  
Blogger Willie B said...

It makes sense to me!

6:46 AM  

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