Monday, August 07, 2006

News and Notes - Dallas Cowboys Edition

Here is some random news and notes from Cowboys camp.

When asked if any particular player stood out, Parcells said, "I was very pleased with Jay Ratliff. He looks good. He's going to make a run at the starting job."

MB3 is pulling a Darnell Jefferson. Parcells is making him carry a ball around with him everywhere he goes.

Sadly, Rocky Boiman hurt his thumb in Monday’s practice. Must have jammed it against all his gold in his locker.

The Cowboys have sooo many great linebackers, they are trying to find places to play them all. Outside, inside, 3-4, nickel situations, they just gotta get these kings on the field.

Kai Parham got cut Monday. It was reported that he was slow and stiff. No argument here.
Here are some notes of interest on the Cowboys group of wide receivers. Read the complete article here.

As many people already know, T.O. has not been practicing due to a strained hamstring. The good news is that T.O. is serious about rehabbing and getting on the field. He is bringing in his own personal trainers this week along with his hyperbaric oxygen chamber to help him with recovery. This is the same chamber Owens used to help him rehab from his broken leg.

Monday, not only was T.O. sitting out practice but also his partner in crime Terry Glenn missed reps due to having blisters on his feet. She, you know I got mad love for you, but why the heck aren’t you wearing socks with your cleats?

Everyone can now breath a sigh of relief. Although it is true that the Muppet was brought in for a look, it looks like that bum will be thrown away back to whatever he was doing. Cowboys director of player personnel Stephen Jones said this, "He was from the area and we just wanted to see what was out there. But I don't think it's going to be anything more than that."

Remember this name – Sam Hurd. Sam Hurd is the undrafted rookie from Northern Illinois who is running with the first offense with Owens and Glenn sit out. Hurd is said to be the early surprise of training camp.
One last Cowboys article I found interesting. Columnist Brad Sham has a case for why Drew Bledsoe should be in the Hall of Fame. Hmm, too bad Situ broke that news about a year ago. Good to know that I have backers though. Actually allow me to clarify. Do I really think Bledsoe should be in the Hall of Fame? Well my Hall of Fame nope. The NFL Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio? Certainly because they have easy criteria for getting in. More on that in a future article.


Blogger pete silva said...

great to here the muppet is gone

6:31 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

Maybe he should get some bigger cleats. That's sad.

6:54 AM  

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