Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Postive Tests Have Legitimately Come From Over-the-Counter Supplements

I know you’re probably getting tired of hearing about the Merriman/’roids posts from the past two days, but I really feel I must share some recent information that I came across. First, I really think this makes total sense. Second, check this article out that proves a person really can fail a drug test from over-the-counter supplements. It involves NFL running back Mike Cloud. I believe Cloud’s positive test occurred in 2003. Here is an excerpt from the article.
The former Boston College star's unfortunate situation began when he took a basic chocolate-flavored protein powder (Nitro-Tech) while with the Chiefs, then subsequently tested positive for metabolites of the steroid nandrolone. Nothing regarding nandrolone appeared on the label that would so much as hint at such an addition to the ingredients. The league tested the product and found it to be the culprit and confirmed it appeared to be an innocent mistake. But the NFL has a zero-tolerance policy that has helped clean up the league from illegal steroids, and Cloud was nevertheless hit with a four-game suspension without pay.
As you may have noticed, Nitro-Tech protein is a very popular product that can be purchased at any supplement store. With that being said, I would bet good money that Nitro-Tech has since changed their formula or ingredients as a result of their lawsuit, so I doubt that Merriman’s case is the exact same as Clouds. At the same time, it shows that testing positive can occur from over-the-counter, legal supplements. In conclusion, I am not necessarily defending Merriman, but I am defending the truth. What do you think?

If you can’t beat them, join them? (NBC Sports)
MuscleTech sued for positive drug test (Supplement Watchdog)


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