Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Let the Debate Begin - NFL or NCAA Football?

It’s time to tackle the age old debate: NFL or college football, which do you prefer? I know personally of several people who will give a vote for college ball (shout outs Gary Word) including Ivan Maisel of ESPN.com. Maisel has an article where he gives 20 reasons why college football is better than the NFL. Read all his 20 reasons here. I want to clarify that if you prefer one, it doesn’t mean you don’t like the other. However, since Maisel presented his case in the great debate, allow me to take a stand for the pros. I give you in no particular order, 20 reasons why NFL is better than college ball.

1) Parity
I don’t care what anyone says, it is much more exciting to watch a game where you don’t know who will win each week. No disrespect to Louisiana Lafayette, but did anyone think they would beat Texas last year? And you will never read in the paper the next morning that one NFL team beat another 70-0. Bor-ing!

2) Cream of the crop
Best athletes performing at their peak abilities each week. Enough said. I’ll admit that if you watch major D1 schools (Texas, OU, USC, Miami, Ohio St, etc) you’ll see some talented athletes who can play some ball. But there gets a point where the talent pool is watered down at smaller schools. Even the worst teams in the NFL are have rosters filled with the world’s most gifted athletes.

3) Competitiveness
Combine #1 and #2 and I don’t see how you can argue college is more “competitive.”

4) Honesty
Who came up with the myth that every pro is just in it for the money and every college kid plays because they love the game so much? Can I just say full ride? College kids might not reap the level of benefits that pros receive, but let’s not act like they get nothing out of it. Scholarships, free education, countless perks, and if you go to Oklahoma paychecks without working. You never have to worry about an NFL team being placed on probation for NCAA/recruiting violations. Pros receive their compensation with no strings attached.

5) Madden is way better than NCAA

6) It’s the pinnacle of the football world.
The best college football players are just giving a try-out, a sampling if you will of their talent of things to come. Their goal is to make it to the big time and play on Sundays. When you are a starter in the NFL, then you’ve arrived.

7) Only 32 teams to follow
NCAA D1-A alone has over 100 teams! That’s not even counting D1AA, DII, and DIII. Too many teams means too many teams to care about.

8) Names on jersey’s
Trust me it makes a difference.

9) Every NFL team has at least a few cool people.

10) Two Words. Super Bowl
It is the single greatest sporting event, hands down.

11) No fake greatness
In the NFL if you are the all-time leader in passing yards you would be Dan Marino. In NCAA, that honor belongs to the great Timmy Chang! 2000 yards rushing in the NFL = E.D.; O.J.; Barry. 2000 rushing yards in college = Troy Davis or Rashaan Salaam.

12) The NFL draft
Another one of the most exciting times of the year for sports period. Plus it just makes sense to let the worst team go first, unlike college recruiting where the best teams get the best recruits and the strong only get stronger.

13) Real play-offs that leave no doubt who is the best team.
Sometimes the BCS works out, but other times it doesn’t. How can you not have an “undisputed” champion?

14) Jerry Rice, Walter Payton, Tom Brady
In their college years who had heard of these guys?

15) 16 game season plus playoffs into February.
Just more to love.

16) No turnover rate.
And I'm not talking about fumbles and interceptions. Pick your favorite college team. Now can you name me all 22 starters from last year? Didn’t think so. You are lucky if your favorite player plays for more than two full seasons in college.

17) Scheduling just works.
Noon game, 3:00 game, Sunday evening game, and then Monday Night Football. I never know when my fave college teams are playing or if they will even be on T.V.

18) Better uniforms.
Compare something like Bengal’s orange jersey vs. Oregon. How bout Falcons black on black vs. Penn St. No contest!

19) More exclusive fan base
Girls go to college. So do nerds. So now you have people going to college games and cheering for their team just because they go to school there. Football becomes a social event. If you go to an NFL game, you can trust the guy sitting next to you actually knows what is going on in the game. Casual fans suck!

And finally….

20) The Dallas Cowboys
What more can I say? Words cannot express my feelings for this great organization. They forever have my loyalty.

So that's my input. Now your turn to take sides. NFL or college, who ya got? Let me know who you prefer and don't just say because, give a reason or two why.


Blogger Phil Silva said...

my pet peeve is people saying, "NFL players play for the money". When Unitas played they had jobs to go along with football. clearly for the love of the game. for love or money? for love and basketball.

3:42 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

texas vs. usc was terrific! as is every miami vs. FSU, but for all those tremundous games there are some very weak ones. no one wants to see texas vs. north texas, baylor, or sam houston st. any cowboy game is crunk as can be and gets watched for all 60 minutes. admit it, even though we love texas, the only games we fully watch are OU, ohio st., or big 12 ch. hands down NFL is better.

5:35 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

are you sure you didnt copy len pasquarelli article? or was it that obvious. da link was too hard


5:50 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

Nope I didn't read that len pasqueralli article first. I guess Len and I just are too wise. Pasquerelli also had an article last week why Kitna was gonna be good. Am I Len Pasquerelli? Ha ha ha ha.

8:21 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

just cuz you look like him

8:18 AM  

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