Saturday, March 03, 2007

NFL Free Agency Has Begun!

Here are some thoughts on the first days of free agency:

Why the hell do the Bucs want so many Q’s? They signed Garcia, traded for Dick Plummer, Limo is coming back from death, and they still have Bruce Gradkowski who they thought was good. If you melt all those QB’s down and then mash them together, they might make a solid starter. They should bring back Shaun King. More here.

People mad overpaid for players that aren’t nearly as good as their contracts. Sure Nate Clements is a good corner, but $80 mill? The guys has never even made a Pro Bowl and now he is the highest paid defender in the NFL?!! In the Niners defense, they can always restructure Clements contract later if he doesn’t produce like they want, but at least $22 million is guaranteed. Hey if the dumb Niners want to overspend and waste money that is there own choice, but they ruin free agency for others. Just think how much the Cowboys will have to fork over for T-New when his contract is up in two years. By the way Champ Belly’s last deal was 7 yrs for $63 million. Do you think Clements is $17 million better than Bailey? I don’t. More here.

Speaking of overspending, the Browns paid Eric Steinbach $49.5 million over 7 years. Everyone thought last year that the Vikings were crazy for paying Steve Hutchinson $49 million for 7 years and now this? I know that Steinbach isn’t better than Hutchinson. Oh well, the Browns continue to be the gayest franchise. More here.

Todd France is having the best week ever. Check it out why here. Even if he gets a miniscule percentage of his clients salaries he negotiated, France is a very wealthy man. Mover over Drew Rosehaus, there is a new top dog in agent land.

Here are some other cool movers around the league: The Pats got Adalius Thomas. Also the Hobbit is now a Ram and the Munchos signed Big Daddy Dan Wilkinson. The Bills got Derrick Dockery and the ‘Skins got London Fletcher-Baker. As for the greatest team in the world, the ‘Boys are chillin’ right now although big Len Davis did visit Valley Ranch Friday, but then left without a deal finalized.


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