Saturday, November 18, 2006

Coach Tressel Has His Priorities

If you have spent any time looking at MySpaces, you know that many celebrities have legitimate pages. You also know that many of the pages are fake and super lame. Many times you can tell if the space is real or fake by the pictures posted, the bios written etc. Then there are other times when you wonder if you are really looking at the page of a famous, well-known person or some 15 year old with lots of free time. Here is one myspace that has been debated as to whether it was real or not. As you can see the Jim Tressel page is put together well and looks quality but at the same time doesn't the coach of the #1 ranked team in college football have better ways to spend his time than adding you to his friend list? Well today the controversy was settled and Silva Sportz can confirm that the Jim Tressell MySpace page is officially bogus. How do I know that? Well because at exactly 6:07 PM central time, Coach Tressel's page showed he was "online now". Interesting because at that same time Coach Tressel was coaching his Buckeyes in a hard fought battle against Michigan with about 3 minutes left in the game. Conclusion: Unless coach was working one of these under the sweater vest, somebody is busted!


Blogger Situ said...

I changed my mind. I think that jim tressel is so cool under pressure that he just whipped out his myspace mobile with the game on the line and checked if he had any new comments. the site is indeed real!

4:30 PM  
Blogger Killired said...

ok, saw your comment over on tressel's page and had to come check your blog out.. ok... is the myspace page real or not? because i was online during the osu-michigan game and i noticed it showed him online during the game too. i've thought all along that some 15 yr old is getting his kicks pretending to be tressel... then i thought that if that were the case, ohio state would have ways of having the page removed because it does seem very legit... so what's the truth? seriously.... you have confirmation that it's real or not?
i would be surprised if it is real because one of the blogs written is about maurice and i dont see tressel really posting that...
oh and michigan still sucks! :)
go bucks #1 all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1:23 PM  

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