Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Situ’s NFL Mid-Season Round-Up

Most memorable moment of the year so far: seeing Trent Green knocked out cold, which was one of the hardest hits of all time and I saw it live and Al Haynesworth stomp on Andre Gurode which I also saw live. Also the ridiculously bad production of the once great Monday Night Football.

NFL MVP: Peyton Manning. If you get a chance at all to watch Manning play this year, don’t miss it. You may be watching history in the greatest quarterback of all time having possibly his best season.

Offensive Player of the Year (different from MVP): LaDainian Tomlinson

Defensive Player of the Year: Champ Bailey. Julius Peppers was an early favorite but his production has dropped some. Also Urlacher’s unfortunate injury sets him back too, but either of these could make a comeback to claim it.

Rookie of the Year: Marques Colston is probably most productive, but as far as who will become the best player in the long run, Laurence Maroney.

Rookie Bust: Reggie Bush, Bobby Carpenter is not far behind, but Bush had such higher expectations that he is not living up to.

Surprise player of the year (good): Tony Romo. Before the pre-season, most people didn’t even know he existed.

Biggest disappointment of the year: Terrell Owens, too many dropped passes on big plays.

Surprise team of the year (good): New Orleans Saints. I seriously expected them to contend for next years first draft pick and now they should win their division.

Surprise team of the year (bad): Pittsburgh Steelers. Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Dolphins were also considered but I think they were just overhyped. The Bucs had actually made the playoffs last year but the Steelers are the freakin’ defending world champs! Now they’ll be lucky to not finish last in their division.

Coach of the year: Sean Payton, see surprise team of year above.

First pick in next year’s NFL draft: It’s hard to see any team being worse than the Raiders are right now. Then again, the Raiders beat the Cardinals! So the Arizona Cardinals are on the clock…

AFC Champ: Indianapolis Colts. This will be the year that the Colts finally get the job done.

NFC Champ: Whoever wins home field advantage throughout the playoffs including Giants, Bears, Seahawks. So as not to wuss out, I’ll go with the Bears.


Blogger pete silva said...

Reggie Bush is one of the reception leaders

6:44 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

good for him, too bad he's a running back. If the Saints wanted receivers then draft receivers. the kid clearly can't cut it as a runningback so the Saints have to split him out wide in space so he can at least get positive yards. plus no rookie had even close to the hype that he had so to not even be the rest RB on your team or the best rookie, he failed.

7:42 PM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

my boy romo has only played in 2 games!! how can he be more of a surprise than damon huard?? mcnabb?? or even gradkowski??

7:10 AM  

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