Monday, November 27, 2006

Bye-Bye Vanderjagt, We Won't Miss You

The good news: Vanderjagt is "out" in Dallas. The bad news: Martin Grammatica is "in". The Cowboys fire one crappy kicker and pick up another crappy one in his place. I do believe this is a good move because at least the Cowboys will save a lot of money by letting Vandy go. Also Grammatica can kick off. Most importantly, I don't want Vanderjagt getting a ring when the Cowboys win the Super Bowl after all the misses he's had. So how did the most accurate kicker in NFL history become so craptastic? Well many people would point to his key miss against the Steelers in last year's playoffs. That miss is second only to Scott Norwood for biggest choke in NFL kicking history and I don't think Vanderjagt ever recovered. Some people would also point to Vandy's downfall being when he started to highlight his hair, which is pretty gay. I would however point to when Vanderjagt made a trip to Texas a few years back as a guest at Indianapolis Colts longsnapper Justin Snow's football camp in Abilene, TX. After spending the day in Texas' August 100+ degree heat, Vanderjagt remarked "It's too ____ hot here, I'm leaving!" and he then proceeded to go get in his Escalade. The Silva boys knew right then and there that Vanderjagt was soft and wouldn't cut it here in the great state of Tejas. So, here's the plan from here on out: Romo just throws touchdowns and we trust Marteen to make EP's. Got it? Good.


Blogger Phil Silva said...

so true

6:51 AM  
Blogger Rose said...

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7:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about Grammatica now.. wanna say crappy kicker after he won the game with a 46 FG last night with 4 sec on the clock....

5:32 AM  

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