Wednesday, October 04, 2006

"We 're Not Going There To Taste Cheesesteaks."

Okay, so it looks like T.O. vs McNabb has begun. McNabb started things off Wednesday by saying, "You look at the things we've been able to do and it's been as a team. No one has tried to stand among themselves away from the team or doing different things. Guys are playing well together." McNabb later was asked if it's difficult to focus on the Cowboys when Owens gets most of the attention this week. "I think guys understand that we're not competing against one player," he said. "One guy doesn't make a team. Break a team, maybe."

But T.O. came back strong saying, "Obviously, he's gotten himself into a lot better shape this year," Owens said. "I think you can tell that by the way he's running around. ... I wouldn't say he was out of shape. But I think everybody notices he has slimmed down a little bit and he's moving around better." To which I just have to add that I have been saying that for years, that McNabb is fat, that is.

T.O. was also asked about the facing the Philly fans to which he responded, "They’re going to heckle. I’m probably the most hated guy coming into Philly this weekend, so I expect the worst. That’s how passionate they are. When I was there, they were loving me. Now that I’m on the opposite side, they’re going to be hating me. I expect that going in...we’re not going there to taste the cheesesteaks. We’re not going there to visit the crack in the Liberty Bell. We’re going up there to try to win a ball game. We know that we have a tough opponent ahead of us. We’ve got our hands full."

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