Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Ahmad Carroll - You're Fired!

The Pack have released CB Ahmad Carroll just a day after he got torched against the Iggles on national television. Look, I am no Ahmad Carroll fan and it was unanimous (at least in the Silva household) that Carroll stunk it up last night during the game, but in his defense I don't think Carroll alone is to blame for the Pack getting shredded by Mr. Mac-Nabb. The Packers just aren't a very good team. Also how about the fact that Lord Favre was missing his receivers all night long and had an 0/2 TD to INT ration? I'm sure no one will ever tell Brett that he stunk it up. Well I will, but no one in the Packers organization. Unless the Green Bay Packers want to hire me and then let me tell Lord Favre he sucks. Then I guess that would count as someone in the Packers organization telling him. But until that happens I guess they can just blame others. So to Ahmad Carroll we say, "Peace nigga!"


Blogger Situ said...

When I say Favre was missing his receivers, I don't mean that his receivers were missing, or gone from the game. I mean Favre's passes were missing his receivers, as in he kept throwing errant passes to wide open teammates.

6:18 AM  
Anonymous phil said...

well i miss howie. the packer defense is pretty crappay too. so to blame carroll is kinda gay. id fire the whole D except tha DJ and AL

12:02 PM  

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