Monday, October 02, 2006

PacMan's Gay Bet

Al Haynesworth has already been mentioned and after his punk move Sunday he will be hard to beat as Tennessee's gayest player, but I have to throw PacMan Jones name out there too. If you may not already know some of PacMan's history he has previously been scared to tackle and earlier this year here is what Jone's name was linked to. 1600 pounds of Marijuana, 128 pounds of Cocaine, and 600 thousand dollars in cash, guns, and more than 20 vehicles. And, 9 people arrested. Nashville Metro Police Chief Ronal Serpas mentioned Pacman's name as a link to the investigation saying, "all we know is this, the main target of the investigation is an acquaintance of Mr. Jones."
Now to further add to PacMan gayness I heard that he asked T.O. for his shoes after their game Sunday. This article reports it was a bet between T.O. and PacMan. “I kept him out of the end zone, so he gave me his shoes. That was the deal. It came down yesterday. We talked on the phone,” Jones said. To quote Charlie Murphy, "that's the gayest stuff I ever heard" At least it was also rumored that T.O. told Jones he may need to stuff some tissue paper in the shoes because he has a long way to go to fill his shoes.


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pacman would blow u up

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