Tuesday, October 03, 2006

"Friday Night Lights" Premieres on NBC

Friday Night Lights premiered Tuesday night. Here are my quick notes from the first episode.

The first friend who tried to hit on the coach’s daughter looked like a generic Matt Damon.
You don’t defend counters with height.
Their QB is a striking Phil Rivers.
The interviewer asked about endorsements in the restaurant but clearly that would be a UIL violation if a player were to accept payment.
That whole scene where they were at that dealership was confusing. They kept switching between Mack Brown yelling at the coach to this old lady making blitzing sexual to the mayor getting mad at Phil Rivers for having manners.
Their running back, “Smash”, is gay. They are trying to make him cocky, but he just comes across as an idiot.
What was up with the varsity scrimmaging the pee-wee?
How they gonna play Austin Westlake in their first game?
That QB isn’t 6’2” and is far too small to be considered the #1 recruit in the nation.
A reverse is not considered a counter.
Shouldn’t the coach be telling the quarterback what the defense is doing, not vice versa at half-time?
What was with the claw marks injury on that one dude’s neck at halftime? Did an animal maul him?
A counter is not that hard to defend!
Lamest conversation during the show – (both in monotone speech) Coach: “Come on ref, that was lame.” Ref: “Now coach, you watch it.”
High schoolers do not bring the wood on every tackle.
That type of tackle on the interception wouldn’t have caused a neck injury.
If you don’t allow your backup quarterback to ever take a snap in practice, then you suck and deserve to lose.
Refs don’t call out the captains to tell them how to tackle!!!
No quarterback on varsity level is that crappy. How is he the second best thing they’ve got?
If this “P” team is supposed to have such rich football history and such high expectations, why did they hire a guy who had never been a head football coach before?
Professional kickers whose whole career depends on kicking can’t kick onside kicks that perfect, but I guess this high school kicker can.
Am I the only one who notices that different camera angles don’t line up? For example when the backup was scrambling, a defender was right behind him, but when the camera angle switched he got hit from the front.
There is no way that a defense would let a player get that wide open on a hail mary.
There were a lot of references to God in that show. Almost a ridiculous amount.
So how is the star of the show gonna be killed off the first episode?
Finally, at the end of the show it said you could log on to NBC.com and talk to the producer. I might send him this.

In conclusion, it really bothers me when people try to make football shows but then don’t consult a football expert. I wouldn’t try to make a show about something I know nothing about. With that said, I will probably watch it again next week if for nothing else than to see that climatic scene of the team practicing in the pouring rain at night. If you saw the show give me some feedback.


Anonymous Sarah said...

I told Devin he looked like Matt Damon too! And I will admit I cried when his girlfriend cried in the hall at the hospital. Here were my problems with it:
1) Was the coaches daughter supposed to be hot? Cause she wasn't.
2) What's with the hot blonde whore mouthing off in the back during his interview and then going and eating that guys burger with his girl sitting there? You know that black girl would have beat her down.
3) Someone please get the coach's wife a closet of her own. Ten minutes of the show was her talking about his and hers closets while he was clearly watching film.
4) The drunk dad is no where near as great as Tim McGraw.
5) My Phil diss was way tighter than the black guys at the car lot. Just cause he's black does not mean he can rap/rhyme/flow.
6) Do they really perform surgery in locker rooms?

Those were my problems. How long do you think it stays on the air? Guarantee I will wacth it again.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Situ said...

Good observations. You are very correct especially #1 and #2. It has gotten GREAT reviews and I mean great. I guess we will wait and see...

11:13 AM  
Blogger pete silva said...

you were dead on with the blitz sex conversation. and they did scrimmage pee-wee on wed. why didnt they work out. wasnt that drunk FB supposed to be a hard ass? why did he keep getting blown up in the circle drill. i do recall the same happening to ivory christian though. who was mack brown supposed to be? they talked to that head coach as if he had no idea what football was. in conclusion they did look just like pflugerville and played austin westlake. hopefully they will play another real team.

6:33 PM  

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