Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Beyond the Glory - Hoover Football

Since I have some time to kill, you are the ones who reap the benefits of my boredom. Today I was sitting at work bored so I flipped channels and watched the MTV show ”Two-A-Days”. After the show I wanted to find out more about Hoover and it’s players so I went and did a little research. I now present to you my findings.

Hoover Football’s homepage. Has a lot of information but I could not find a roster anywhere on there. Maybe you can.

First off, I know many have been curious about Hoover’s loss on a recent episode of the show. Here is a press release from when Hoover lost to Tuscaloosa County and that black QB shredded them. The quarterback’s name is Deon Williams and he is now a running back for Valdosta State. Williams has played in both of Valdosta States first two games as a true freshman. He is second on their depth chart at RB.

Here are some profiles/info I found on the main characters of the show.
Max Lerner, #24
Dwarn “Repete” Smith, #91
Ross Wilson, #14
Alex Binder, #34 Oh, this fool is a thief and was arrested this past summer, after he had already graduated from Hoover, for breaking into a car.
Bryan Morgan, #74

Cute Random Fact: Chad Jackson and Taylor Hicks went to Hoover.

In case you are wondering and you don’t want to wait until the season is over on MTV, I will tell you now that the featured Hoover team goes on to win the 6A State Championship with their only loss being to Tuscaloosa County. Hoover also finishes ranked #8 nationally by USA Today.

Here is some more spoiler info that I got off of Wikipedia.
Despite frequent references to college football by head coach Rush Propst, safety Max Lerner was the only graduating senior cast member to earn a Division I scholarship, accepting an offer to play football at Division I-AA Furman University. Cast member Dwarn "Repete" Smith walked on at Auburn University in the fall of 2006. He quit the team but later declared his intentions to walk on again in 2007. Cast member Alex Binder accepted a baseball scholarship to Bevill State in Sumiton, Alabama. Junior quarterback Ross Wilson, who is now playing his senior season, has declared his intent to play college baseball rather than football at the University of Alabama. The 2006 senior football class is considered by some recruiters to be superior to the 2005 class portrayed in the series, with wide receiver Brandon Clear, guard Patrick Crump, center Ryan Pugh, defensive end Byron Clear, and defensive tackles Josh Chapman and Kerry Murphy all considered legitimate Division I prospects.


Blogger Phil Silva said...

tha clear boys will wreck, and that alex link must have been fantasy or porn, because it was filtered content

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Blogger pete silva said...

they are gay and i read that a while ago. im just too far ahead of you

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Anonymous Sarah said...

duh-duh-duh, Happy Birthday!!
No gus-gus no.
What's that from? Happy birthday fellas! I hope you had a good day. We celebratin tonight. You guys are like legal and men now. Oh, can't you guys buy cigarettes and weed according to like Pershing, Bo, or Big Swink? Ah, what the hell, all the same people.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ross Wilson is the SEXIEST thing that god has ever created. Marry Me???????? ;) <3 Colie

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