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How Situ Sees 'em - AFC East Edition

Here’s my rundown of the AFC East in the order that they finished last year. For my key additions, only those players who I feel will make a significant contribution are listed. As for key losses, they’re players the team should really miss.

New England Patriots
2005 Record: 10-6

Key additions:
Martin Gramatica, K
Eric Warfield, CB
Laurence Maroney, RB
Chad Jackson, WR

Key losses:
Tom Ashworth, T
Tim Dwight, WR
Christian Fauria, TE
David Givens, WR
Bethel Johnson, WR
Willie McGinest, LB
Adam Vinatieri, K

I really don’t want to like the Patriots. I have gotten tired of them as I’m sure many others have. Unfortunately having the best coach in the league always keeps the Pats in contention for the division. Belichick and his staff are the best evaluators of talent in the league not to mention the best at getting the most from sub-par players. The defense is still intact for the most part and they are getting Rodney Harrison back from injury. The front seven will get pressure even with the loss of Willie McGinest. The offense lost just about every receiver on their team. The one they kept, Deion Branch is still holding out as of this writing. None of the wideouts strike fear into any corner, but nonetheless they get the job done. Brady is arguably the best QB in the league. He has ice in his veins. Belichick will have this team prepared every week so they can potentially beat anyone on any given week.

Miami Dolphins
2005 Record: 9-7

Key additions:
Will Allen, CB
Deke Cooper, S
Daunte Culpepper, QB
Jason Allen, DB

Key losses:
Reggie Howard, CB
Tebucky Jones, S
Sam Madison, CB

Bo, you will love me for this, but Miami is a team that if things go right, potentially can be a favorite to represent the AFC in….Miami! That’s a big if, so for the Dolphins I do it a little differently and give you three reason why they will be championship contender and three reasons why they will be pretender.
3 reason they will be a contender:
1) Daunte Culpepper - Culpepper threw for 4717 yds and 39 td’s with a 110.9 QB rating. No I did not miss type that, those were really Culpepper’s numbers in ‘04. If he can get back to that form, then watch out. And here is why he will. Scott Linehan has departed from the Dolphins but Miami said that although he has moved on, his offense will stay. Hmm, let’s see where was Linehan before arriving in Miami? Oh yeah he spent 2004 in Minnesota with Culp.
2) Hot down the stretch last year - Miami finished the season as one of the league’s hottest teams winning their last six, beating New England and San Diego. If they can pick up where they left off, they could cause a stir.
3) Nick Saban - In only his second year in the league, Saban is already one of the top coaches in the league. Like Belichick mentioned above, Saban will have this team ready every week.

3 reasons they will be a pretender
1) Daunte Culpepper - many people think the questions surrounding Culpepper are solely in regards to his knee, but before he was injured last year he had already thrown 12 ints in only 7 games. Culpepper struggled big-time last season so who knows if the ‘Fins will get 2004 Culp of 2005 Culp. Huge difference.
2) Defense is questionable- heart and sole of the D, Thomas and Taylor will be 33 and 32 respectively at the start of the season. Also, it’s possible the ‘Fins will have 4 new starters in their secondary. Even if the players are individually capable, there is the issue of gelling as a unit.
3) Ronnie Brown - with Ricky out, Brown is being counted on to shoulder the workload. He has never done that, going back to Auburn where another Williams spelled Brown.
I think Culpepper will return to ‘04 form as he has some great weapons to help him out. I also think Brown is ready for the load and he has even added about 10 pounds to help him out. Look for the Dolphins to be play-off bound and possibly make a deep run.

Buffalo Bills
2005 Record: 5-11

Key additions:
Andre' Davis, WR
Craig Nall, QB
Peerless Price, WR
Tutan Reyes, G
Larry Tripplett, DT
Donte Whitner, DB
John McCargo, DT

Key losses:
Sam Adams, DT
Lawyer Milloy, S
Eric Moulds, WR

Bills were 29th in total defense last year and 31st in stopping the run last year. They actually had a pretty good draft on defense but they took DB’s with 3 of the first 4 picks. That won’t help the run defense much which killed them last year. Takeo is still not 100% from his blown-out achilles either. But as bad as the defense was, it looks great compared to this joke of an offense. The Bills lost Eric Moulds and replaced him with…Andre’ Davis? Lee Evans, Andre’ Davis, and Peerless Price are this teams top three wideouts. These three couldn’t be a number two for many teams. But if you think the wide-outs are bad, look at these three QB’s vying for the starting job: Craig Nall, Kelly Holcomb, and JP Losman. Willis McGahee is decent but can you say eight men in the box? Here is a free bonus tip: stay away from any Bill come fantasy time. Sorry Robbie Nelson, on the bright side, Buffalo is strong in the running for the first draft pick next year.

New York Jets
2005 Record: 4-12

Key additions:
Matt Chatham, LB
Tim Dwight, WR
Andre Dyson, CB
Patrick Ramsey, QB
Kimo von Oelhoffen, DE
D’Brickashaw Ferguson, OL
Nick Mangold, OL
Kellen Clemmons, QB
Leon Washington, RB

Key losses:
John Abraham, DE

This is a team that is rebuilding this year. Kellen Clemmons should win the starting QB job if not the beginning of the year at some point in the season. Curtis is dead as of this writing and even if he comes back during the season, this should be his final year. The Jets offense, while not as laughable as the Bills, lacks a playmaker. I do think the Jets were genius in taking Ferguson and Mangold with their first two picks, as they should both be quality starters in the league for years. The defense makes the switch to the 3-4 this year to try and get more pressure on opposing offenses. The switch may present a problem in that it takes out their best defensive player in Vilms. Vilma led the league in tackles last year but this year he will have to contend with lineman and won’t be able to run free. Vilma is undersized so banging heads with fat-butts doesn’t favor him. The Jets won’t make any noise this year, but they are on attempting to turn things around in the future.

In conclusion, this will be a close race for the division title. Look for both Miami and New England to make the playoffs and for Buffalo and New York to be in bottom six records in the league.

1) Miami Dolphins
2) New England Patriots
3) New York Jets
4) Buffalo Bills

Previous divisions by Situ: AFC West, AFC North

Look-a-likes - Julius Jones and Lashley

Dallas Cowboys RB Julius Jones


WWE superstar Lashley

Phil's AFC North Breakdown

What else can be said that hasn't already been said, except for the fact that this is a division plagued by injuries. My synopsis is kinda late because I have been busy. But I will give you a short rundown.

Pittsburgh Steelers
The Steelers haven't really been hit hard by free agency or retirement besides the fact that Bus is now gone, and Randle El is a Redskin. He won't be missed as much as many think because he did play out of the slot and only had 35 catches and a touchdown. You won't be let down this year, unless you thought he was cute, because Ben Roethlisberger should be able to return to his old form and redirect the Steelers back to glory.

Cincinnati Bengals
There progress clearly relies on the progress of Carson Palmer, period. If somehow Carson can be ready in time, then expect the Bengals to become early contenders for the title. Well, I don't think he will be, so they may fall to the bottom of the class.

Baltimore Ravens
The Ravens will have the best chance to knock off the Steelers.Ray Lewis and Ed Reed are finally healthy, and Steve McNair is a huge plus. Add big Haloti Ngata to stuff up the middle, and this is one of the more feared defenses in the league.

Cleveland Browns
Romeo Crennel will have this defense screamin'. They could've had a chance to be good, but since LeCharles Bentley is out, scratch that. Kellen Winslow is back and he is better at 90% than other people are at 100%.

Heres how they finish:
Pittsburgh Steelers: 11-5
Baltimore Ravens: 9-7
Cincinnati Bengals: 5-11
Cleveland Browns: 5-11

News and Notes - Leinart and Bush are jerks?

Here's an excerpt from an article about Leinart and Bush at the 27th Sports Collectors Convention in Anaheim, CA this last weekend. Leinart signed his name for about an hour, a series of incredibly joyless transactions, the player rarely looking up and the customer rarely saying more than where he'd like his football inscribed. Then the Arizona Cardinals quarterback hustled out a side door to the parking lot. "Matt, have a minute?" said one of two writers trailing after him. "No!" Leinart said loudly. Read the entire article here.
Art Shell running a tight-ship in Oakland. He even has Moss running for punishment.
Ronnie Brown taking on the full load in Miami.
Marc Colombo and Kevin Burnett mix it up, Greg Ellis compared to Willie McGinest, and don't look for Bobby Carpenter to automatically have the starting job anytime soon. More Cowboys camp news here.
College News:
2005 SEC freshman of the year, Darren McFadden breaks his toe and will miss part of the season. How did he break his foot? Fighting at a club. Here's the scoop.
Another quarterback controversy? This time in Florida.
Speaking of big-time incoming college freshman, you might wanna
watch the SEC this year. Here's why.

A Response to bstro and Willie b in Regards to Harrington

This post was written in reference to a post on bstro's thoughts and opinions. Click here to read the posting. Also this is in response to comments left by willie B on that same post, specifically that Joey Harrington is a very talented NFL quarterback.
I would like to debate the fact on whether or not Harrington is a very talented quarterback. bstro and willie b take the position that Harrington is talented and capable of significantly contributing to the Dolphins. Willie b said, and I quote, (referring to Harrington)"he is very talented its just the fact he never has been able to showcase it, watch out for Joey this year he's gonna be good"

I take the position that Joey Harrington is a terrible quarterback, incapable of being the starting quarterback for an NFL team. Here I will prove my point.

First, Harrington has played for the Detroit Lions his entire career until this season when he was traded to the Miami Dolphins for a sixth round draft pick. It was well publicized that the Lions would not keep Harrington on their roster in 2006. I believe that had they not found a team willing to trade for Harrington, he would have been flat-out cut by the Lions, as Harrington was due roster bonuses on June 15th. A sixth round draft pick is hardly winning the lottery for the Lions. Again, the Lions had been trying for weeks to trade Harrington with no takers. Finally they settled for what they could get (sixth round pick) as Harrington would have been cut anyway. For more details on this info, click here.
Conclusion: Joey Harrington is not "trade-bait".

Second, Joey Harrington played in 12 games last year, starting in 11. Harrington was benched by two different coaches in 2005 - once by coach Steve Mariucci, once by interim coach Dick Jauron. Talented quarterbacks do not get benched by two different coaches. Maybe it was because Harrington was 27th in the league last year in passer rating. Hey, everybody has a bad season now and then. To truly measure Harrington's talent, we need to look at his career numbers. Ok, I submit for you Joey Harrington's career stats.
54.7 completion percentage
5.68 yards per average
60/62 TD's to Int ratio
68.1 career passer rating.
Here are just a few quarterbacks still in the league who have higher career quarterback ratings than Harrington: Charlie Batch, Brooks Bollinger, Jay Fiedler, Kelly Holcomb, Damon Huard, Jamie Martin, Craig Nall, and Tim Rattay just to name a few. There are several others, but this is just to show what kind of company Harrington is in. Actually he is below this company rating wise.
Conclusion: The nicest way to put it, Joey Harrington is not a talented quarterback. He is very lucky the Lions organization even kept him for that long and gave him as many chances as they did.

Finally, Willie B believes Harrington just never had the chance to showcase his talents. Harrington has played in 58 NFL games and started 55 of those in his career. What more of an opportunity does he need? (Harrington's record during that time was 18-37 by the way, hardly very talented). Also Harrington played for the Detroit Lions who have several quality offensive weapons. The argument that Harringon didn't reach his potential because of lack of surrounding cast is not a valid argument as many other truly talented quarterbacks have done more with less weapons. New England, Philly, and Chicago all had better scoring offenses than Detroit last year with less offensive fire power than the Lions (not counting QB).
Conclusion: Joey Harrington's subpar NFL career is in no way related to the team that he played on. Rather, Harrington was the weakest link on otherwise quality offense.

I would like to say that this is not written to bash Joey Harrington or the Miami Dolphins. I don't have a personal beef against Joey Harrington as I have never met the guy nor do I have any desire to. Ok, I guess if given the opportunity I would meet him just to get Nance an autograph. The point is that it's a fact that Joey Harrington has not been anything near a quality quarterback thus far in his career. He also hasn't shown anything that would indicate he will be a quality quarterback in the future. The Dolphins probably got a fair deal for Harrington, as had they drafted a quarterback in the sixth round, they would have gotten someone with comparable talent. I actually believe that the Dolphins will have a good year (more on that in AFC East predictions later) and contend for the division IF and only IF Daunte Culpepper stays healthy. If not, and the Dolphins are forced to go with the number two man then Jay Fiedler will be looking pretty good about then.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

New and Notes - Wayne in wrong jersey and bonus camp pics

Reggie Wayne arrives at Colts camp wearing Cardinals #32 jersey.

Leinart still a no-show at camp.

Ryan Pickett was in a car wreck and got a concussion.

Gates is on Kris Dielman's jock. Here's why.

Bonus camp pics!

Fred Smoot has a spider-man backpack

Troy Brown's been workin' out this summer.

So has Thomas Jones.

Big comment.

Who says Pittsburgh lost their fat back? (Duce Staley)

Just for Bstro - AFC East predictions

Pete's prediction - Dolphins 0-16
Phil's prediction - Miami=last place
Situ's prediction - the Dolphins are first...draft pick that is.

Just kidding Bstro. Have some patience brother. AFC East will be posted toomorry just for you.

(extra bonus for Bstro)

Bad News Falcons

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Brian Finneran may be lost for the season after suffering a knee injury in practice. Finneran, who was projected to be the third receiver on the depth chart behind Roddy White and Michael Jenkins, will undergo an MRI Monday morning. Finneran was supposed to provide the veteran leadership for White and Jenkins who have a combined 3 years of experience in the league.

Speeder's AFC North

The Bengals will indeed have a tough time returning to their 2005 form. I don’t think Carson will be back 100%, and the other two QB’s on their roster are Anthony Wright and Doug Johnson, unless they would play Reggie. The rest of the offense is solid, but Palmer was clearly the heart of it and without him….they fail. They also tie for the toughest schedule this year. The D will lose Odell Thurman due to suspension and be weaker because of it.

The Browns had a lot of potential offensively until they lost LeCharles Bentley to injury, and Braylon Edwards(thanx Mike) had a slower than expected recovery. The Browns have a surprisingly talented defense: Brian Russell, Willie McGinest, Andra Davis, Ted Washington, and Kamerion Wimbley. Don’t ever count out the Bulldawg! I think Cleveland will improve off of their 6-10 record.

The Ravens are my favorite to win this division. They are stacked at the skill position: Steve McNair, Mike Anderson, Jamal Lewis, Mark Clayton, Derrick Mason, and Todd Heap. Finally the Ravens have a solid QB and if McNair threw for 3100 yds. And 16 TD’s with those scrubs in Tennessee, he should be fine in Baltimore. The D is stacked!!!! Dan Cody, Trevor Pryce, Terrell Suggs, Haloti Ngata, Buddy Lee, Ray Lewis, Adalius Thomas, Chris McCalister, Samari Rolle, and Ed Reed. JEEZ!!!!!!!!! With two big bodies in front of him again, expect the early 2000’s Ray that was scary.

Now for the Steelers. The defending Super Bowl champs will have the 5th toughest schedule. Their running game shouldn’t miss a beat if Duce Staley is healthy. The passing game will be hurt by the loss of Randle El and addition of Santurdio, cuz he’s weak. Although they won the SB last year, they really weren’t that dominate. They may even struggle to make the play-offs.

Predictions for AFC North:
1. Baltimore Ravens
2. Pittsburgh Steelers
3. Cleveland Browns
4. Cincinnati Bengals

How Situ Sees 'em - AFC North Edition

Here’s my rundown of the AFC North in the order that they finished last year. For my key additions, only those players who I feel will make a significant contribution are listed. As for key losses, they’re players the team should really miss.

Cincinnati Bengals
2005 Record: 11-5

Key additions:
Sam Adams DT
Dexter Jackson, S

Key losses:
Jon Kitna, QB
Odell Thurman LB (suspended 4 games, may miss more)

The Bengals looked dominant at one point in the season, contending with the Colts for best team in the league. But somehow they fell apart down the stretch losing their final three games of the year, four if you count the play-off loss to Pittsburgh. Although it is up for debate, I believe that had Palmer not gone down in that game, the Bengals would have beaten the Steelers and who knows what would have happened after that. That’s in the past and the future leaves many wondering if they will get the Bengals of the first part of last year or the Bun-gals that stumbled to the finish. I don’t think Cincy will start off too hot with their best defensive player suspended and possibly missing more. I am a doubter that Palmer will be 100% for the start of the season. Another big problem in Cincy is that they are having so many off the field problems with players that I won’t even try to list them all. The problems are so serious they are dividing the locker room, and just ask the Eagles how a divided locker room affects the season. I have the Bengals starting very poorly against a tough schedule. It is hard to dig out of a deep hole so don’t look for them to repeat last years success or even get close for that matter.

Pittsburgh Steelers
2005 Record: 11-5

Key additions:
Santurdio Holmes WR
Omar Jacobs QB

Key losses:
Jerome Bettis, RB
Chris Hope, FS
Tommy Maddox QB (could be more of a loss than you think if big Ben isn’t 100%)
Antwaan Randle El, WR
Kimo von Oelhoffen, DT

Obviously the Steelers are the team to beat in 2006. Everyone always gets up to play the defending World Champs, so Pittsburgh can expect every game to be a battle. Despite nearly dying, Roethlisberger’s injury wasn’t that bad football wise, mostly damaging his face. He looks weird now, but stupid looking QB’s can still get the job done. Also the running game shouldn’t miss a beat with fast Willie Parker and Ducey handling the load. They will miss Bus’ leadership. The defense was solid and has most studs returning. They need to replace Chris Hope so that Polamalu can still be the dominant defender he is by blitzing and playing up in the box.

Baltimore Ravens
2005 Record: 6-10

Key additions:
Mike Anderson, RB
Steve McNair, QB
Trevor Pryce, DE
Haloti Ngata, DT

Key losses:
Will Demps, FS

The Ravens, who have clearly been a team carried by their D since they came into the league, struggled badly last year due to injuries. Ray-Ray and Ed Reed missed significant playing time last year and it showed. The Ravens should have a vastly improved defense but also an improved offense since they finally realized Kyle XY would be better under center than Kyle “I should’ve been a” Boller. They didn’t get XY but they did get former MVP McNair and Mike Anderson so if the O-line holds up this offense may actually put points on the board. It’s rumored the Raveens will scrap their gay bear defense for a 4-4-3 base defense. Also watch for Dan Cody to make an impact back off an ankle injury. Sadly, I believe that Billick will be fired if he doesn’t get the team into the play-offs. He should stick with the old Ravens O that ran off-tackles a lot.

Cleveland Browns
2005 Record: 6-10

Key additions:
Joe Jurevicius, WR
Willie McGinest, LB
Ted Washington, NT
Kellen Winslow TE (on team before, but had been broken)
Kamerion Wimbley, DE
D'Qwell Jackson, LB

Key losses:
Antonio Bryant, WR
Braylon Edwards WR (still on the team but not back until Oct/Nov)
LeCharles Bentley C (technically still on the team but already deceased)

Well honestly do I even want to write about the Browns? They have been the gayest team in the league for a while now. They aren’t necessarily the worst team, but couple the gayest uni’s with players that always die and I don’t see how anyone would be a fan. The good news is Romeo Crennel is a good coach and like Parcells and Belichick, Crennel alone could be good for a win or two. The defense could have a decent pass-rush but their secondary is suspect. Charlie Frye has potential but is still nowhere near carrying this team.

In conclusion, the Steelers are by far the class of this division. I doubt another team will get into the play-offs, but the Ravens could be a surprise and make some noise. They will upset the Steelers at least once. Here’s how I see ‘em:

1) Pittsburgh Steelers 11-5
2) Baltimore Ravens 9-7
3) Cincinatti Bengals 6-10
4) Cleveland Browns 2-14

Previous divisions by Situ: AFC West

News and Notes - Vince's big hits and the cursed Browns

Cowboys camp news: Flozzell is off the PUP list and back at practice, ole shoot 'em up Davis is picking off passes, and Skyler is lookin' good. Get the full story here.

V.Y. doesn't plan on throwing too many ints, but if he does, he'll make 'em pay. Just ask Randy Starks.

Adrian McPherson is apparently so athletic, the Saints will find a way to get the ball in his hands even if it's returning punts.

Shockey says what we've all known for a while. Coughlin is annoyingly stubborn. Shockey also says he hates losing, amongst other things such as sobriety for long periods of time.

Chris Hovan's new look.

And I just thought the Browns were a lame team, not cursed.

U.T. isn't the only one with a quarterback controversy. LSU is undecided too.

Who's this? Give up? Click here for the answer.

Here you go Pete....

Michael Schumacher won his third straight Forumula One race, that race happened to be the German Grand Prix. It is his 89th Grand Prix victory.

For all you Poker fans, Phil Hellmuth and Doyle Brunson have been eliminated from the WSOP. Along with Johnny Chan, They are the only men to win the WSOP on 10 different occasions.

More Signings

The Lions have signed LB Ernie Sims to a five-year deal.

The Dolphins have signed DT Rodrique Wright to a four-year deal.

The Bengals have signed CB Jonathon Joseph to a five-year deal, LB's Ahmad Brooks and A.J. Nicholson, OG Andrew Whitworth and WR Reggie McNeal to four-year deals.

The chorizo got third. His name is El Picante.

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Quick Hits

Chipper Jones has been placed on the DL.

In other news, Dex McCleon has signed with the Texans.

Chase Utley improved his hitting streak to 29 games with a single against the Phillies.

Bush Signs!!

RB Reggie Bush and the Saints have agreed to a six-year deal. Bush is expected to sign officially Sunday. He will battle RB's Deuce McCalister, Fred McAfee, Michael Bennett,and Aaron Stecker for the starting job.

Also Colts RB Joseph Addai signed for an estimated $11 million. Too bad Nic will take his job.

Roy Jones Jr. defeated Prince Badi Ajamu to win the NABO light-heavyweight title. After 3 straight defeats Jones Jr. finally won again. His last win came Nov. 8, 2003, when he beat Antonio Tarver.

How Situ Sees 'em - AFC West Edition

Here’s my rundown of the AFC West in order they finished last year. For my key additions, only those players who I feel will make a significant contribution are listed. As for key losses, they’re players the team will really, really miss.

Denver Broncos
2005 Record: 13-3 (impressive in a good AFC)

Key additions:
Javon Walker WR
Jay Cutler QB
Brandon Marshall WR
Elvis Dumervil DE

Key losses:
Trevor Pryce DE
Gary Kubiak Off. Coordinator

Javon Walker is a great addition. He was robbed of his season last year due to injury but was a top 5 wide-out in the league in ’04 with 89 rec 1382 yds and 12 td’s. Look for him to return to ‘04 form and replace the baby Lelie, who should be traded before too long. Denver also drafted Brandon Marshall who is 6’4” 230. Here is what Coach Shanahan said about the kid. So the old Rod Smith can groom Marshall while finishing up his career. RB is said to be a question mark, but I fully believe Ron Dayne is capable. His experience in NY has left him with something to prove. As for QB, a quarterback controversy in HS or college is always trouble, but in the NFL, it only pushes the players to be better. Shanahan is underrated as a coach and this team could make a push for AFC champ if key players are healthy.

Kansas City Chiefs
2005 Record:10-6

Key additions:
Ty Law CB
Lenny Walls CB
Tamba Hali DE

Key Losses:
Tony Richardson
Willie Roaf
Priest Holmes

The Chiefs have been known for the last few years as having the potent offense, but anemic defense. On paper the D looks strong, but numbers don’t lie and the Chiefs D was 25th last year in total defense. Defensive minded Herm Edwards should bring some fire to this unit, who could have a feared pass rush. This year however proves to be the opposite of years past. Look for the defense to keep them in games while the offense may struggle down the stretch. I listed Holmes under key losses because as of right now, he’s a no-go. I know Johnson is the clear-cut starter, but in this league, you gotta have a solid reliever and I don’t count Quentin Griffin as respectable relief for LJ. LJ will get his yards but won’t get 2000 yards this year only because a lot of people expect him too. Do you know how hard it is to repeat a huge season when people are gunning for you and putting 8 men in the box? Ask J-Lew in Baltimore, he can tell you.

San Diego Chargers
2005 Record: 9-7

Key additions:
Antonio Cromartie CB
Marcus McNeil OT

Key losses: Drew Brees QB

A lot of what this teams does depends on what Phil Rivers does. With Brees the Chargers knew they were getting a Pro Bowl caliber QB. With Rivers, it’s like a grab bag. He has such a wide range of possibilities on which he projects. What I mean is, if Rivers is another Joey Harrington, I won’t be surprised. But if he makes the Pro Bowl next year and leads the Chargers into the playoffs, I won’t be surprised. For the sake of argument, I predict Rivers to be kind of like Eli Manning was his first year. Looks good some plays, but throws into coverage sometimes. Another question mark is if Roman Oben can return from his injury last year. If not rookie McNeil could get the nod at left tackle protecting the blindside, not the ideal situation trying to break in a QB. This defense has potential if they can shut down the pass. Shawn Merriman is developing into one of leagues most feared defenders. If this team can return to form that beat Indy straight up at the end of last year, then watch out.

Oakland Ray-duhs
2005 Record: 4-12

Key additions: Aaron Brooks QB
Michael Huff SS
Thomas Howard LB
Darnell Bing LB (projected)

Key losses: none really, obviously they lost people like Collins, Washington, and Woodson, but those guys will all have their spots filled by capable players.

Like the Chargers before them, this team has a big question mark on whether or not a certain someone can pick up the NFL game. No not any player, but rather their head coach, Art Shell! Shell hasn’t been a head coach in the NFL in over 10 years, so we’ll see whether the league has passed him by or not. I would like to take this moment to be the first to say look out for fake Snake to take over the helm at QB shortly. He is huge and has a cannon and the Raiders love him. He was injured last year so progress took a setback, but Walter is definitely the future. Maybe not this year but soon and when he does Moss will be feared again. As for the defense, they’re young and the best word that comes to mind is raw. They’ll get caught out of position at times, but their is speed and playmaking ability all over this D. We’ll see how much that can make up for lack of veteran talent. If nothing else, the Raiders will be an awesome team on Madden. No, seriously I will be them on Madden.

In conclusion, this could shape up to be a close division. All the teams have taken steps forward and improved, even though the records may not necessarily reflect that. Here’s how I see ‘em.

1) Denver Broncos 12-4
2) Kansas City Chiefs 11-5
3) San Diego Chargers 9-7
4) Oakland Raiders 7-9

2006 Sleepers

I heard it through the grapevine that fans wanted to know who we thought would be sleepers for the 2006 NFL Draft. Well here they are:

Danieal Manning(42)
Manning is a hybrid defensive back. He was brought in to contend with Chris Harris for the starting safety job. What makes him special is the fact that he can be used for more than one thing, including special teams, making him a valuable asset to a defensive minded team like the Bears. Along with Devin Hester, they should have one of the more feared return teams in the league.

Parys Haralson(140)
Haralson is an End/Backer, but the reason that he made this list is mainly on his crunkness. Many scouts have already counted him out by saying that he is too small. But in contrast, Dwight Freeney was around the same size when he came out, and he's not to shabby is he? As I was reading about him one word seemed to keep popping up. "Effort". That's really the only thing you can ask from a player. Since he will be competing for a starting job in San Fransisco, you may want to write his name for fantasy.

Dusty Dvoracek(73)
Once again the Bears have landed a sleeper. Dvoracek is a one gap player, meaning he's a perfect fit for the 4-3 defense that Chicago runs. Considering his size, at 6'3", 300 lbs. Dvoracek is a surprisingly quick player. Combine that with his instincts and you have Tommie Harris' new partner in crime. Another quick note is that his Wonderlic score was the highest of the class.

Greg Eslinger(198)
At 6'3" 295 you may think Eslinger is too small for his center position. But check this out. The current center for the Broncos is a 6'3" 286 lb. Tom Nalen. In the zone running scheme of the broncos, Nalen has become a lock for the Hall of Fame. Why in the world am I telling you this? Well guess who drafted Eslinger? You guessed it, the Broncos. The former Outland Trophy winner will have the time to learn behind Nalen and eventually pick up right where he left off.

Can Joseph Addai Replace Edge James?

(NOTE: Much of this story is taken from NFL.COM’s prospect profile pages. These sources are very credible and to prove my point, I will share with you what I found from here.)

“Despite natural athleticism and size, Addai plays small and has not been able to claim the starter's job all to himself. For a player with such quick feet and agility, he runs very upright, which really limits his power and explosiveness. Doesn't play anywhere close to his timed speed, and despite very good quickness and agility, he is not the type of runner that can make tacklers miss. Does have the vision and instincts when running with the ball to find the hole, but he lacks an explosive burst through the hole to shoot by defenders and make big plays.”

Learning the above text, seems to me he will have to truck the opponent, but it says Addai runs very upright. How can he ever gain yards? LT is a slasher, J-Lew is a beast, what’s Addai’s technique?

“Overall, despite having the measured size of a starter, Addai is best suited to being a backup or a third-down back and returner (both punt and kickoff).”

5-11, 215 pounds is more than adequate size for an NFL RB, so whats wrong Addai? Cat got your tongue? Dominic is only 5-9, 203 and he ran for 1104 yards with a 4.7 average his only year of fully starting.

“Additionally, his pass-blocking ability will make him a valuable back that will get a lot of playing time in passing situations.”

So I know I said I wouldnt believe until I researched myself, but again, this is an extremely credible source. So he can block good. Props. Oh, wait, you’re playing RB not guard, blocking is a bonus but you haven’t gotten the “running” part down yet. Its like being a boxer who is swole, which is good to take punches and throw them back, but not being able to punch. Defeats the purpose que no?

So as can see, Addai really brings nothing to the table. He ran one of the fastest 40’s at the combine, but as we all just learned Addai doesn’t play at his 40 speed. I stand by my comments 100% and I know Jospeh Addai cant replace Edge James. Now my boy “thunder Rhodes”, that’s a different story!

This Guy's A Joke

I just read an article by Pete Prisco, about the issues ten teams are facing. One of the issues happened to be the colts losing Edgerrin James. His exact quote is as follows, "You hear people say how much James will be missed in the passing game, his ability to block vital to its success. Last time I checked, backs don't get paid to block. It's a part of their duties, but it should by no means be something that forces a team to keep one. Veteran Dominic Rhodes will be the early leader to start, but Addai will take over at some point." Take over at some point? I don't think so. Rhodes ran for 1,104 yards in 10 starts in 2001. He will, repeat will, get back to his 2001 form. Addai barely ran for 1,000 yards at LSU last season! Click here to read his article for yourself.

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Quick Notes

Mike you better not be writing this......Carolina Panthers all-pro receiver Steve Smith was carted off the field during practice this morning because of a hamstring injury. It shouldn't be that serious because it's only a hamstring and he's had problems with it before, but who knows. If it is, then it will last for about three or four weeks max. It shouldn't interfere with his season.

Well this shouldn't surprise anyone. Jaguars runningback Fred Taylor hurt his hamstring also in traing camp. Hopefully he loses his job to Greg Jones. He did punch Dexter Reid.

Add 100 meter Champ Justin Gatlin's name to the list wih Floyd Landis. You get the picture.


When the Falcons signed defensive end John Abraham
they thought they were bringing in a sack master. In the words of a cop on Jingle All the Way, “Men we’ve been dooped”. Abraham ranked 11th in sacks last season with 10.5. Pretty good. He played in a 4-3 defense with the Jets that year. The 10 men ahead of him, excluding Jason Taylor because he played hybrid
in Miami, all played in a 4-3 defense. So 4-3 DE’s get a lot of sacks right. So Speeder what’s your point? Abraham now plays in a 3-4 defense. So what’s wrong with a 3-4 defense? DE’s in a 3-4 don’t get sacks!! The OLB’s behind them like Joey Porter, Shawne Merriman, and DeMarcus Ware make the sacks. A DE’s job in the 3-4 is to tie up blockers and fight through the backfield. Who’s the best end in a 3-4? Richard Seymour? Aaron Smith? Marcus Spears? The average size of these men is 6-5 305. So 3-4 ends are bigger! Abraham is 6-4, 258.

Now for the coaching. In a 4-3 defense, the DE is asked to line up in a “9” technique. This is for the strong side DE who is outside the TE. The weak side DE lines up in a “7” technique outside the OT. In a 3-4 defense, the DE is lined up in a “4” technique, which is inside the OT, where its easy to be double-teamed.

Now at 258 lbs., Abraham doesn’t seem like the man to handle many double-teams. He also wont get the chance to pin his ears back and rush. Unless the Falcons play him at OLB, his sack total should drop big time.

AFC West

First let me start off by saying that this is the 2nd toughest division in the league. :)

We'll start with the Denver Broncos, since they did best last season. For starters, Mike Anderson is a Raven. That leaves Tatum Bell and Ron Dayne to carry the load. Excuse me, that leaves Tatum Bell to carry the load. Count out that old badger, he got lucky on Thanksgiving. Thats basically all that matters, since they are a run-oriented tean. The Snake should have the quarterback reigns until he starts to screw up. Expect the fans to start calling for Jay Cutler early. Javon Walker is there only real addition to the offense so he should boost the reciever play. On defense, Trevor Pryce is gone but they brought in Elvis Dumervil. Expect them to still contend for a title as long as they can get good play from Plummer and Cutler.

The biggest concern for Oakland fans should be Aaron Brooks. If he can get back to his 2003 form then they should be in for a treat. With new coach Art Shell we should see a boost in the offensive line play, therefore a better Lamont Jordan. Last year Jordan ran for 1,025 yards. He has no reliable or proven backup, so he should carry the load. He could be a good fantasy pick. On defense, Michael Huff and Thomas Howard have been given the starting jobs. I wouldn't expect them to contend for a division title until Shell gets settled in for a couple more years.

Their only concern will be Phil Rivers, and after 2 years sitting and learning the playbook, expect him to be ready to go. Schottenheimer will put the load on L.T.'s shoulders but Rivers will pick up right where Brees left off. The defense will be in tact and all they need to make the payoffs will be healthy play from Phil Rivers. If he can pull through and the defense can play like they did last season, expect them to contend as well.

Two words for the Chiefs: Larry Johnson. I can't get over how good this guy is and is gonna be. I'm a cowboy gonna be. To read more about Larry Johnson scroll down to read "With the number one pick...". The defensive secondary will be one of the best in the league with Gold Beard, Pat Surtain, and Ty Law. There defensive line will be one of the best because of Jared Allen. The linebackers will be lead by Derrick Johnson. Trent Green is always gonna be one of the top quarterbacks in the league so thats a huge plus. Expect the Chiefs to not only come out on top of the division, but to possibly contend for the AFC title.

Expect the division to finish as follows.
1. Kansas City Chiefs
2. San Diego Chargers
3. Denver Broncos
4. Oakland Raiders

First Willie, Now Tiki?

The second leading rusher (1,860 yards) in the league last year is now contemplating pulling a Willie Roaf. That's right Tiki Barber says that he is considering retirement after this season. Barber said he would consider retiring if the right opportunity came along. I know Tiki likes to fill in on "Fox and Friends" early in the mornings, but is he really making the jump from anchoring the offense to anchoring the news?
So this has the potential to affect the Giants in many ways, but who else could it have an impact on? Many had Barber pegged as a potential fantasy first rounder but I advise avoiding him like Apollo with red rocket. Barber seemed primed for another big year, but he says he is hoping this year for a diminished role. Barber is actually encouraging his backups, Derrick Ward and Brandon Jacobs, to step up and take some of the load. That translates to his backups also taking some of Tiki's stats, so look for a drop-off in production this year if Tiki has it his way.
So what's with players suddenly wanting to retire and have a life outside of football? As much as I like to see my favorite stars play well into their middle-age, I can totally understand their desire to hang it up. Most stars are set for life money wise after a year or two. Of course everyone would like to obtain that elusive ring, but there comes a point when your body just breaks down. And it's much more graceful to bow out earlier than to stay waaaay past your prime. So I say Tiki, if you want to retire, go for it. Just don't say you are going to, then change your mind, then hold your team hostage while you decide. And don't grow a scraggly, old man beard and spend more time making ads for heartburn and sensitive teeth, than grooming your replacement.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Aunt May to Vick- "You're Not Superman You Know"

The Falcons are entering camp and the big story out of Hotlanta is that someone has accused quarterback and appointed team leader Mike Vick of not giving his all come game time. That someone happens to be, surprise, Vick himself and the game in reference is the last game of the 2005 season when the Falcons were rolled by the Carolina Panthers. Now I am not quite sure what prompted Vick’s contrite admission of his underachieving play. Maybe Vick viewed recent game film of the beat-down and realized that there were some things he could have done better. If that’s the case I think every football player who has ever watched themselves on film can find some room for improvement. However Vick didn’t originally say that he saw some areas he needed to work on, he didn’t even say he made foolish decisions. Instead Vick committed the unpardonable sin of sports, especially team sports, in that he admittedly didn’t give his all and consequently let teammates down. Vick says he has since apologized to teammates and rationalizes his reflective self-critique by saying, "I set high standards. I know what I can do. I know what I'm supposed to do. When things don't go well I always blame myself. I think I'm my own worst critic and I think that's a good thing." Then referring to his Superman tattoo, Vick said, "That's the way I feel sometimes, but in reality that's not the way things are going to be.” But then later in the week Vick recants his previous comments that he didn’t give his all, and says that he gave 100 percent effort, but he didn’t play his best.
So which one is it Vick, did you slack off and quit on your teammates, or did you give 100 percent with no regrets and just happen to make some mistakes? Heck everyone has off days. That makes you human, Mike. Even if you feel like Superman, you can’t be perfect. But if it’s the case that you took a game off because you knew you didn’t make the playoffs, then that’s a different story. How do you reassure the fans and more importantly your teammates on which quarterback they’ll get on game day.
See Vick, I don’t feel sorry for you that you feel pressure to be a star. And I don’t feel sorry for you that you haven’t been as successful as you’d like to be. But I will feel sorry for you that almost everyone, including your own coaches, are trying to make you something you’re not. That’s right I am defending you Mike Vick, even if you won’t defend yourself. I know who you really are as a football player and I’ve seen what you can do when let loose. The others have too. Your first few years in the league I don’t even think they called you by your real name, you were simply known as “The Most Exciting Player in the NFL” or “The Incomparable Mike Vick” and it was consensus that if we had to pay to watch someone play football, it was Michael Vick. Have you forgotten? Let this jog your memory.

You will notice a couple of things about that video. First, Vick does several NFL defenses dirty, leaving them looking silly. Second, the majority of those highlights, and many Vick highlights you see around, show Vick in the old Falcons uni. That is because it is the old Vick that was the playmaker that everyone used to love (except opposing defensive coordinators.)
I think the Falcons will be the first to tell you that when Vick came out of college, his positives were his sheer athletic ability and playmaking potential. Scouts saw Vick as a rare talent who had a cannon for an arm and wheels like a sprinter. He was the first pick overall because of his sheer potential alone. And Vick didn’t disappoint either his first few season. The very thing defenses try to do to quarterbacks (collapse their pocket, pressure them, make them throw on the run) is when Vick seemed to be at his best. But then came the preseason game versus the Baltimore Ravens before the 2003 NFL season. What seemed to be a routine play ended in tragedy. Vick’s leg was broken and you guess how. Yep, he broke out of the pocket took off up the middle of the field and got tackled like any other normal play, this time he just happened to break his leg and in one play his season was over. The Atlanta Falcons front office’s worst nightmare had come true. Now a football player getting injured can and does happen all the time, especially to quarterbacks (see Culpepper, Palmer, Brees, Leftwich, Pennington just to name a few from last season) but the Falcons front office didn’t see it that way. Instead, they believed that because Vick has a propensity to scramble, he will inevitably get hurt when he does. So the solution. Make Michael Vick a drop back passer. That’s right, make him one, as in force, as in go against Vick’s natural tendencies when he is most comfortable and most dangerous to opposing teams. I have said for years that any player can get injured doing just about anything at any time on any field. It’s football and injuries, no matter how unforunate, are a part of the game. So here is my thinking.
If Vick’s career were only to last say four more years and was cut short due to injury, would it be worth it if sometime during those four years the Falcons brought home a Lombardi trophy to the ATL? Or on the contrary, would you prefer the Falcons to never win a championship but have Vick’s career extended for eight years instead of four. I know what I would choose if I were a Falcons fan. So I say to that slick Italian, quit trying to make Vick something he’s not. And to Coach Mora, scrap the west coast and it’s precision timing. Or if you really want keep it, but at least have a minimum of 5-7 designed QB runs a game. Then that pressure that keeps chasing Vick will have a hard time keeping up as Superman scurries down the sideline.

More News

The Bengals off-season ahs been ugly. The bad news is that Chris Henry, Frostee Rucker, A.J. Nicholson, and Matthias Askew
are all facing criminal charges and Odell Thurman
is suspended for 4 games. Here’s the good news. They inked defensive tackle Domata Peko. Now you’ve probably never heard of him, but you will soon enough.

Here are some more signings:
JAC- TE Marcedes Lewis
KC - DE Tamba Hali, QB Brodie Croyle, RB Priest Holmes and DL Junior Siavii placed on PUP list
NE - RB Laurence Maroney
BUF - DT John McCargo
PIT - WR Santonio Holmes
BAL- DT Haloti Ngata
GB - OL Tupe Peko, LB Abdul Hodge

Fantasy lovers beware......

Fantasy football that is. I was just watching ESPN when I heard Michael Irvin talking strategy.

He said Jerry Porter
was the best route runner for the Raiders. Well, my ears perked up like Apollo and I wondered “what about Moss ?”

So I started thinking about it and came to agree with him. Last year Moss had his lowest reception total of his career (except in 2004 when he only played 13 games). Oakland ran the West Coast offense, which isn’t it a haven for receivers? Jerry Rice
became well, Jerry Rice in it didn’t he?

When I did more studying of this offense I came across this quote “The West Coast Offense, on the contrary, stipulates that a defense must first be stretched with a short, horizontal passing attack that features sharp, precisely-run pass patterns by the receivers

In Joey Lawrencevoice: WHOA! Jerry Porter had his best year last season reception wise with 76. Through 2002-2005 here are Porters catches: 51,28,64, and 76 (the 28 were made in 10 games, his shortest season. Get this, if his stats are increasing, why are Moss’ dropping.

Lets take a look: In Minnesota Moss was a beast earning Pro-Bowl honors 5 out of 7 seasons. If he cant run routes, then how did he get these crazy stats? Well if you watch football, then you know how Moss and Culpepper
connected in a way Irvin described as “street ball” where the QB chunks it up and the WR gets it.

Right now your probably picturing Moss blasting by a defender with his hand up. So its true, Moss never did run precise routes. Because of this, barring some unseen activity, Moss IS NOT a fantasy threat. But hey, there is something NO receiver has on Moss…a smoothie chain.

If you’re looking for a fantasy WR then take one of these gents: (in no order)
Terrell Owens-DAL
Steve Smith-CAR
Chad Johnson-CIN
Torry Holt-STL
Santana Moss-WAS
Jerry Porter-OAK
Larry Fitzgerald-ARI
Anquan Bolden-ARI

Hooray for MMA

Quick, name a professional boxer! Sorry, Lennox Lewis is retired. Nope, the Klitschko boys don’t count either. C’mon think! Oooh, good one, but that Big Russian needs a name. Still can’t think? You have 17 different weight classes. Give up? Now if you did pass this little test I’m sure you…No, I know you said either, Floyd Mayweather, Bernard Hopkins, Winky Wright, or Jermaine Taylor. And the only reason you thought of them is because they were in the news recently. Now name a Mixed Martial Arts fighter! If you happen to watch The Ultimate Fighter, then I’m sure you just rattled off about ten guys from the last season alone. And if you haven’t seen it, then you still knew guys such as Liddell, Shamrock, Hughes, Sylvia and Arlovsky, Tito Ortiz, and Rich Franklin all from the UFC, Wanderlei Silva from PRIDE, or Bob Sapp from K-1…….Need I continue? The point is Mixed Martial Arts has clearly taken the reigns from professional boxing by a long shot. Like I mentioned earlier there are 17 different weight classes and 4 different sanctioning bodies, or organizations in boxing.The World Boxing Association (WBA), The World Boxing Council (WBC), The International Boxing Federation (IBF), and The World Boxing Organization (WBO). Whoa! That means there are a potential 68 different champs in Pro Boxing. In the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), and Pride Fighting Championship (PRIDE) there are only 4 weight classes each. Only 8 champs! And fighters hop from organization to organization all the time. MMA promotes it’s fighters by televising shows on the Fox Sports Network and Spike TV almost everyday. When do you see boxing? Unless you watch "The Contender" or old Ali highlights on ESPN Classic, you see it once a month on HBO. Boxing is doing so terrible right now that former heavyweight Tommy Morrison, who is 40 years old, is considering a comeback. Why? Because he knows he could storm through the ranks and contend for a title. While boxing is suffering from a decrease in popularity, on the other hand the UFC is seeing its popularity soar. And until Professional Boxing has a solution to its poor promotions, television ratings, and its fan base, then Mixed Martial Arts will remain the “king” of fighting.

New and Notes - Roaf Retiring

You heard it hear first. As Speeder broker earlier, it is now official Willie Roaf is hanging up his cleats. The Chiefs on the other hand are refusing to accept it. Roaf says he is solid on his decision and instead of getting beat up every week, he’ll instead go back to college. I think somebody is eyeing the All-American Football League.

Toenail-less Mario Williams is apparently looking pretty impressive thus far in camp. You know he is the man when Robaire Smith can’t even punk him.

The Ravens think Air McNair is the missing piece to getting them back to the SuperBowl. They also see the glass half-full.

Look-a-likes - T-Pain and Marvin Austin

#2 National HS prospect Marvin Austin

Rappa Ternt Sanga T-Pain

With the Number One Pick........

Since we are on the topic of Chiefs for some reason, let me give all of you fantasy fans a quick tip. For those who think Larry Johnson's produciton will drop, think again. Now even though Willie Roaf will be retiring, then that still leaves the best guard/center/guard combo in the league. Brian Waters, who has earned Pro-Bowl honors in each of his last two seasons will be holding down the left side along with tackle Jordan Black. Black started 10 games last season for the Chiefs and Lar-John ran just fine. Center Casey Weigmann has started 104 games in his career and is one of the finer players in the league at his position. I have only two words for there other guard.
THE BEST . Will Shields has been the best guard in pro football for some time now and dont expect that to change. The only concern is at right tackle. Now we don't doubt Kyle Turley's talent, it's just the fact that he once threatened to kill his coach, and has back problems. Two strikes for ya buddy. So now that you know there line will still be in the top 3 lines in the league if not the best, you know that the possibility of Larry Johnson running for 2,000 yards is very real. And if you're joining our league....don't even think about drafting him. Consider him already taken. :)

Chiefs in Trouble

As we all know, the Chiefs are centered around their “mammoth” offensive line and great offensive attack. That could change this year. There are rumors circulating that Offensive Tackle Willie Roaf may be calling it quits. The 11-time pro-bowler started 10 of 10 games last year for K.C. If this is true, then the Chiefs would lose both Roaf and fellow OT John Welbourn(who also retired).

More bad news. The Chiefs also lost offensive guru Al Suanders to the Redskins. Saunders was the O-Coordinator for the Rams (1999-2000) when they won Super Bowl XXXIV. His stint with K.C. (2002-2005) helped rank the Chiefs “numero uno” in total offense all 3 years!!! If I were a team centered around offense, I wouldn’t be too comfortable losing my two bookends and offensive mastermind.

Predictions for AFC West in 2006:
1. Denver Broncos
2. San Diego Chargers
3. Kansas City Chiefs
4. Oakland Raiders

* At least you beat Geezoid !!

News and Notes- Faulk cut, Major Adams gets the job done

The Rams have sadly cut Faulk.

Terna Nande and Lendale White finally sign! Oh, and some Vince kid signed too. Seriously though maybe more people should let childhood friends negotiate their contract. In other Titans news, for some reason Coach Jeff Fisher thinks former running back Eddie George is irreplaceable and not even three backs can fill his shoes.

Does this get you hyped for Sunday Night Football? I say NBC is trying a little too hard.

What's wrong with Seymour and Chad Jackson?

Just what we need. Another football league. Ah, but this not your average football league filled with talented athletes, these men have degrees!

P.K. backs me up on my Kitna pick.

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Cowboy's Newest Addition

Construction is underway in Arlington for the Dallas Cowboy's new stadium. The stadium is scheduled to be ready for the 2009 season and although no official capacity has been set, there's word of a possibility of it housing up to 100,000 seats. (And you thought you had poor seats before.) The stadium is supposed to be state of the art and we all know Jerry Jones has a flair for the extravagant. In fact the stadium already has it eyes set on possibly hosting the 2011 Superbowl. Unfortunately I don't have any idea who will play in that game and I don't know what that SB will be in roman numerals but I do know one thing. If it's half-time shows are anything like the last 2 years then it will feature an artist over 70 and will be pretty crappy. Back to the new stadium, here is a short video of the project in it's current,infant stages. The reporter also has exclusive inside revelations, such as there is still a long way to go before the project is complete. Amazing.

Michael Vick's Off-Season Training believes that it has exclusive pics of Mike Vick with a blunt in his hand. Say it ain't so Mike! They also claim that one of the photos shows a coldsore on Ron Mexico's, err, Vick's mouth. Personally, I think the case for the weed and herpes is a stretch, but judge for yourself here. So what do you think, is the photo incriminating evidence? Maybe mediatakeout is just trying to get some publicity for it's site. Some people have no shame to post stories like that on their site....


Recently in the news there has been a story about a man filing an $862 million lawsuit against Michael Jordan and Nike chairman Phil Knight for defamation, permanent injury, emotional pain, and suffering. Now I know you’re asking yourself, “ What in the world did His Airness do to this poor fella? ” Well the answer to your question is the 5-time NBA Most Valuable Player did nothing at all besides look like him. Yes he LOOKED LIKE HIM! Although this story is almost unbelievable, Allen Heckard, a 51 year old bus driver from Oregon, claims that his life has been ruined because he looks like Mike. "Even when I go to the gym I'm being accused of playing ball like him (Jordan)," Heckard said.

#1 I may not be the biggest basketball fan, but I would NEVER mistake the greatest player ever for a bus driver who is 6 inches shorter than he is.

#2 If anyone thought that I looked like Mike, I would be out on the town with a new date every weekend.