Monday, September 24, 2007

Idiotic Temper Tantrums

I know it has been awhile since I have written on Silva Sportz, but there are some recent sports stories that I must comment on.

First, the Milton Bradley story. Milton Bradley has to have one of the worst tempers in all of sports history. Scratch that, in all of history. He is mad because an ump taunted him? Seeing how easy it is to set him off and make him go nuts, I kind of want to taunt the guy just because it is so funny! Bradley claims the ump told him he was a piece of s**t and something else, blah, blah. I guess we will never know the truth of what was said on either end. Of course, I don’t think the ump should call Bradley a piece of s**t, but at the same time, has Bradley never been called a name in his life? Ignore it or tell someone else. There are so many ways that would have been a better choice to handle it than the way Bradley did. The other problem I have is that headline keep saying that Bradley’s manager “threw Bradley down”. I saw the highlights. The manager restrained him and Bradley fell and twisted his knee all by himself. FACT: If you tear your ACL because you are throwing a tantrum, then you deserve it.
Is 'provocative' umpiring responsible for Bradley's knee injury? (USA Today)

A second story I must comment on is Oklahoma State coach Mike Gundy going nuts on a reporter. Do these guys not know how stupid they look while throwing their tantrums? Gundy was mad because a reporter called Bobby Reid soft. First of all I found out that the reporter was a chick. Not that that really makes a difference but I guess it is just funnier because a girl made Gundy so ticked. Since when does a reporter’s opinion matter? I could see if she said dissed Reid with some of those old Matt vs Chris Battle rhymes but come on, calling a kid soft is hardly worthy of the rant Gundy went on. If I were that reporter, I would write at least one column a week calling someone from OSU soft. I would also write a column calling Gundy a baby and then I would photoshop lots of pics of him with a diaper or a bottle or something and put it on the front page. Also if I were at that press conference when he went on his tirade I would not have been able to resist just standing up and shouting, “hey coach you’re soft, Bobby Reid’s soft, your whole team is soft!” I think Coors Lite should use that Gundy clip for one of their beer commercials where the guys talk to different coaches. But only on two conditions. Number one, OSU or Mike Gundy get no profits from it and number two, it has to make Gundy look stupid. Again.
Cowboys' Gundy doesn't back down after postgame tirade (ESPN)

Speaking of crazy people, I can’t pass up this quote of the day. I heard that Mike Tyson was in court Monday from his arrest last year. A judge asked him, “Do you use cocaine?” to which Tyson responded, “Whenever I can get my hands on it.” While I would never condone drug use, I feel like Chappelle on “I know black people”, somehow Tyson’s answer is correct and by correct I mean cool.
Tyson Pleads Guilty to Drug, DUI Charges (Associate Press)


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