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2007 Draft - Round One Wrap-up

Okay so day one of the 2007 NFL draft is in the books. Rounds 1-3 held some surprises, some obvious picks, and a whole lot of trades. As you can check my Mock Drafts in previous posts, I didn’t do so hot. Not terrible, but not great. I got seven of the round one picks correct, which out of 32 sounds crappy, but in actuality it’s about average. The best mock draft that I tracked was Pro Football Weekly, who got a whopping 13 picks correct in the first round, including the first 8 picks! I won’t waste time telling you everyone or every site I tracked, but a few notables are ESPN’s draft gurus, Mel Kiper got 8 correct picks in his mock draft and Todd McShay got 7 correct. Sports Illustrated’s mock draft that was printed in their most recent issue was compiled by SI writer Jeffri Chadiha, who got 5 picks correct. Anyway, if you want to know the rest, then shoot me an e-mail. Now onto my analysis of round one. (I’m too lazy to do all three rounds, but after Sunday and the entire draft is complete, hopefully, I can post my draft review for each team).

1. Oakland Raiders – JaMarcus Russell, QB, LSU
No huge surprise here. At first I wasn’t high on Russell, but I guess I sort of bought into the hype, because I think he will be allright. But, I won’t be shocked if he flops. Honestly, I thought and still do think that Andrew Walters is an NFL quality QB, but Russell was the right pick for this team.

2. Detroit Lions – Calvin Johnson, WR, Georgia Tech
I don’t like how people have been saying that Johnson is a “sure thing”. There is never any sure thing coming out of college, you just never know what will happen. I know everyone tries to clown the Lions for always taking receivers but this was again the right pick. Kitna is capable at quarterback and if Johnson live up to his hype, with Roy, and Mike Furrey, these Lee-owns could give the Cards or Colts a run for best receiving corp in the league.

3. Cleveland Browns – Joe Thomas, OT, Wisconsin
Again, people kept saying Thomas was the “safest” pick. Since when has the NFL been about being “safe”? It’s all about winning and I think Quinn was the best chance to help this team win. I guess it worked out for them in the end, since they ended up getting Thomas and Quinn, but truth be told, the Browns got kind of lucky for that to happen. On paper, the Browns are starting to look pretty good, but unfortunately games aren’t played on paper and this has been a struggling franchise for years. We’ll see.

4. Tampa Bay Bucs – Gaines Adams, DE, Clemson
I don’t know about Adams. I have to be honest, I just haven’t seen him play enough (hilights don’t count). The Bucs weren’t really sure what to get here and I would imagine they considered trading down, but if no one will trade, then you gotta make the pick, and you gotta take the best player available. That was prolly Adams here.

5. Arizona Cardinals – Levi Brown, OT, Penn St
Wow, really surprised me with this pick. Like the Bucs before, I would imagine the Cards considered trading down after Thomas was gone, but if you can’t get a deal, you can’t get a deal. I would’ve taken Adrian Peterson here. Yeah, they got Edge but I think he is definitely on the decline. Peterson is a game-breaker that doesn’t come around very often. Besides in the league now you almost have to have two starting –level RB’s. With that said, the line was in desperate need of improvement and Brown should start immediately.

6. Washington Redskins – LaRon Landry, S, LSU
As many people know there are a couple of different draft strategies when it comes to picking. You can either take the best player available or you can fill your biggest need, or a combo of both. I think here, the ‘Skins took best player available in Landry. I don’t know if people know how good Landry was/is. In my opinion, he was prolly third on my big board of best overall players. He could be scary in the defensive backfield with the Meast, Sean Taylor, but I think Taylor is kind of overrated. Anyway he should make an immediate impact, so the ‘Skins made the right choice.

7. Minnesota Vikings – Adrian Peterson, RB, Oklahoma
I had heard rumors that the Vikes were for sure gonna take Landry with this pick, just one problem. The ‘Skins took him with the pick right before! Vikings needed help with a pass-rusher, but this is too high to take any of the remaining options. It comes down to Quinn or Peterson and I think the Vikings feel they have made an investment in Tarvaris Jackson, so they want to see him through. Besides, you can’t go wrong with Peterson, who I predict will be rookie of da year.

8. Atlanta Falcons – Jamaal Anderson, DE, Arkansas
I will spare any references to the old Dirty Bird RB. Just know that this is what the Falcons needed most (pass rusher) and Anderson is the best DE at this point.

9. Miami Dolphins – Ted Ginn, Jr, WR, Ohio St
Well it was bound to happen. Every year someone has to make a bonehead pick. Not saying Ginn will necessarily be a bust, (although, in my opinion he isn’t nearly that good of a receiver) but I am saying this was a bad pick for the ‘Phins. I mean they desperately need a QB and Quinn falls into their lap and what do they do? Receiver wasn’t even one of their top three needs. So they took a player too early that they didn’t even need. They screwed the pooch men.

10. Houston Texans – Amobi Okoye, DT, Louisville
They did need D-line help and if Okoye can live up to his potential then this youngster can develop into a fine DT and that could give the Texans a promising, young line along with Big Mario.

11. San Francisco 49ers- Patrick Willis, LB, Ole Miss
The Niners have been rebuilding on both sides of the ball and needed some D-line, linebacker, and receiver help. Willis is a great player and should be a star in the league for years to come. Couldn’t go wrong with this pick.

12. Buffalo Bills – Marshawn Lynch, RB, California
The Bills had two enormous needs coming into this draft. They desperately needed a RB and desperately needed some LB’s. I believe they would’ve taken Willis if the ‘Niners hadn’t snagged him right before. This was a little high for Lynch, but it also would’ve been high to take any of the other backers left also. This was probably the best pick, otherwise they would have had to trade for a RB because after Lynch, none of the other RB’s in this draft have full-time starter talent.

13. St. Louis Rams – Adam Carriker, DE, Nebraska
Oh man, this guy looks like a zombie. The Rams did need pass-rush help and Carriker supposedly has a non-stop motor. They think he will be another Grant Wistrom. Good pick.

14. NY Jets (from CAR) – Darrelle Revis, CB, Pittsburgh
The Jets moved up to grab Revis. They needed a corner, I just think that their would’ve been a good corner when they picked at 25. However, I assume their scouting department really liked Revis and thought he was the best corner for them. If he’s your guy then trading up to secure him is a good move. He should be a starter next year so good move.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers – Lawrence Timmons, LB, Florida State
Well I already don’t like Timmons because he wore #83 in college. Why??? Anyway, the Steelers are trying to replace Joey Porter so a linebacker was a natural pick here. However, I am not sure about Timmons pass-rushing ability, but he will probably be an upgrade from Porter who had fallen off. Remember when SI tried to say Porter was the most feared man in the NFL?

16. Green Bay Packers, Justin Harrell, DT, Tennessee
As everyone already knows , it is claimed Harrell would’ve been a top 10 pick if he hadn’t torn his bicep, so maybe this is a steal? But no, he did tear his biceps so he wasn’t going to be taken high. I think the Pack reached for Harrell here. They could’ve used some offensive firepower here instead like a wideout or even Greg Olsen (sorry Big Spring). They still have to trade for an RB also.

17. Denver Broncos (from JAX) – Jarvis Moss, DE/LB, Florida
The Broncos traded up to snag Moss. They did need linebacker help, but I think Moss projected better as a 3-4 outside backer. I don’t think the Munchos should’ve moved up to take Moss. They could’ve gotten a solid LB with pick 21.

18. Cincinnati Bengals – Leon Hall, CB, Michigan
The Bengals needed a corner and Hall was projected to be the best on many boards. However, against every top-tier competition he face, he struggled (Jarrett, Ginn, etc). Hall will face nothing but the best in the NFL so we’ll see if he’s up to it.

19. Tennessee Titans – Michael Griffin, S, Texas
I thought the Titans would’ve taken a receiver here, but I guess there wasn’t anyone they liked in this position. Griffin does have big play potential plus look how their last Texas draftee worked out for them.

20. NY Giants – Aaron Ross, CB, Texas
Ross was actually who I had the G-men taking in my mock draft. They needed a corner or o-line help. Good pick for the Giants, just too bad he will have to get beat at least two games a year.

21. Jacksonville Jaguars – Reggie Nelson, S, Florida
Another pick I had in my mock draft. They Jags wanted Nelson, and I’m pretty sure they would’ve taken him at pick 17, so to be able to trade down, get the extra picks, and still get your man? Can’t get much better than that!

22. Cleveland Browns (from DAL) – Brady Quinn, QB, Notre Dame
First let me touch on Dallas’ end of the deal. Sheer genius. Okay Dallas knew that several teams were looking to move up to take Quinn here. Dallas also knew that more than likely at this pick they weren’t going to get any player that would be a sure-fire starter. So when they are offered the Browns picks you gotta jump on it. Plus to get the Browns first round pick next year should be really juicy (I sang that) as the odds that Cleveland finished in bottom 5 picks. Now onto Cleveland’s end of the deal…they wanted Quinn badly. I mean badly. In fact they almost took him with the third pick. So to be able to get Joe freakin Thomas and still get a franchise QB is a helluvadeal. HECKUVARUSH!! Seriously, many people tried to say that the Browns gave up too much by giving their first round pick for next year. What would they have gotten with that pick next year? A franchise QB! Basically they just got him a year earlier, plus Quinn has a shot to be really good, plus he is a fan-favorite being from Ohio. So it worked out great for both teams.

23. Kansas City Chiefs – Dwayne Bowe, WR, LSU
Chefs did need a receiver desperately, especially one who can be explosive. Supposedly Bowe fits that mold so this was a good pick for them.

24. New England Patriots – Brandon Meriweather, S, Miami
I believe Meriweather was the second best safety in this draft after Landry. His stock took some hits for off-the-field issues, but the Pats are probably the best team for people with questionable character. Belicheck and his staff know how to keep people in line and even more importantly they know how to get the most from players especially DB’s. Meriweather can be a playmaker for years to come. I actually had the Pats picking Meriweather with their pick at #28.

25. Carolina Panthers (from NYJ) – Jon Beason, LB, Miami
Well the Panthers could’ve used Greg Olsen, but they do love their defense. They also had some holes at backer so Beason will have an opportunity to start. Plus, the Panthers got those extra picks from the Jets for moving down, so all in all, not a bad move.

26. Dallas Cowboys (from PHI) – Anthony Spencer, DE/OLB, Purdue
Wow. I have been loving Spencer for a while now. He is a beast! The Cowboys were actually gonna take Spencer with their 22nd pick, so to get him later was genius. Sure they had to give away some picks to move back up, but they had picks to spare and Spencer is well worth it. Good move by Cowboys, as for the Eagles moving down, well they are idiots so I could care less what they do. Screw them.

27. New Orleans Saints – Robert Meachem, WR, Tennessee
I thought for sure the Aints would get a corner here, but I’ll admit they did need some receiver help. Joe Horn is gone so Meachem should fill in nicely.

28. San Francisco 49ers (from NE) – Joe Staley, T, Central Michigan
As I said earlier, the ‘Niners are totally rebuilding so that means filling lots of holes. Staley was their man so no problem moving up to take him. You gotta think about trading picks like this: Would the later round picks that you give away have gotten you a player of value equal to the one you are moving up to take? For example for San Fran would the picks they gave away (don’t remember specifically what they were) gonna produce like Joe Staley will? I say no and apparently the Niners said no also. Staley has a chance to start from week one. As for New England, the had didn’t think their was any player of value here that they desperately wanted now, so they decided the better value for them was taking the extra picks.

29. Baltimore Ravens- Ben Grubbs, G, Auburn
In the NFL you always need plenty of quality O-lineman and D-lineman. I thought the Ravens should have looked for some linebacking help, with the departure of Adalius. Grubbs will probably start next year.

30. San Diego Chargers- Craig Davis, WR, LSU
Wow. After Miami, most shocking pick of round one. The Chargers did need a wideout or safety with this pick. This is where your scouting department come in. For the Chargers to think Davis was the best wideout available at this point says a lot. No one, and I mean no one had Davis rated this high, so only time will tell if the Chargers are genius or fools.

31. Chicago Bears – Greg Olsen, TE, Miami
The NFC Champion Bears really had no glaring needs. They still have a problem with Briggs holding out and a questionable QB, but for the most part, no payer picked here would be a week one starter. I didn’t even consider Olsen here, but now I really like the pick. Olsen can cause problems and every sucky QB needs a safety valve.

32. Indianapolis Colts – Anthony Gonzalez, WR, Ohio St
The Colts, like the Bears before, had no glaring holes to fill. This pick was pretty much gonna be best player available. With the vaunted passing attack of the Colts, Gonzalez is a great pick. He was never flashy, but Gonzalez was a solid receiver and should fill Stokely’s void nicely.


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