Saturday, July 29, 2006

First Willie, Now Tiki?

The second leading rusher (1,860 yards) in the league last year is now contemplating pulling a Willie Roaf. That's right Tiki Barber says that he is considering retirement after this season. Barber said he would consider retiring if the right opportunity came along. I know Tiki likes to fill in on "Fox and Friends" early in the mornings, but is he really making the jump from anchoring the offense to anchoring the news?
So this has the potential to affect the Giants in many ways, but who else could it have an impact on? Many had Barber pegged as a potential fantasy first rounder but I advise avoiding him like Apollo with red rocket. Barber seemed primed for another big year, but he says he is hoping this year for a diminished role. Barber is actually encouraging his backups, Derrick Ward and Brandon Jacobs, to step up and take some of the load. That translates to his backups also taking some of Tiki's stats, so look for a drop-off in production this year if Tiki has it his way.
So what's with players suddenly wanting to retire and have a life outside of football? As much as I like to see my favorite stars play well into their middle-age, I can totally understand their desire to hang it up. Most stars are set for life money wise after a year or two. Of course everyone would like to obtain that elusive ring, but there comes a point when your body just breaks down. And it's much more graceful to bow out earlier than to stay waaaay past your prime. So I say Tiki, if you want to retire, go for it. Just don't say you are going to, then change your mind, then hold your team hostage while you decide. And don't grow a scraggly, old man beard and spend more time making ads for heartburn and sensitive teeth, than grooming your replacement.


Blogger Phil Silva said...

good thing i wasnt gonna get the little blue guy. i clearly made retirement cool.

8:41 AM  
Anonymous peedi-crakk said...

i had my eyes on tiki. heartburn and teeth is favre que no? i totally agree if a man wants to retire then he has the right to 100%. remember when Roy Boy made brandon jacobs fumle on the goal line.

10:17 AM  

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