Friday, October 27, 2006

Da Da Da Da Da ... Todd Haley's Not Lovin' It

As if Dallas Cowboys “passing game coordinator” Todd Haley didn’t have enough on his mind. First, he had to deal with the whole T.O. beef from a few weeks back. Then there was the whole benching of Bledsoe, new quarterback issue. However, I think Haley’s newest “problem” could take the cake, or the salad that is. It seems Haley is suing a Southlake McDonalds because his wife and nanny found a dead rat in a salad from Mickey D’s. The Fort Worth Star Telegram reports:
According to the lawsuit filed in Tarrant County, on June 5 Christine Haley ordered $14 worth of food, including the salad, at the drive-through at 2155 West Southlake Blvd. She took the food home, where she and Kelley began eating out of the salad bowl. The women ate a few bites before they uncovered what they later determined to be a stiff young roof rat on its back, with its whiskers intact and its mouth agape. The women gagged and vomited repeatedly, the lawsuit alleges.
Haley, his wife, and the nanny (not Fran Drescher) are suing for $1.7 million because "since eating salad that may have touched the rat and touching the dead rodent with their forks, the women have had difficulty keeping food down and can no longer go out to eat, the lawsuit states. They are forced to make their food from scratch, allowing themselves to see each ingredient placed in the dish they are cooking". *Note to self: do not eat at McDonalds in Southlake.

Cowboys coach claims dead rat found in salad (Fort Worth Star Telegram)
Todd Haley is having a weird month (AOL Sports)


Blogger Phil Silva said...

i hope tre newton eats a rat.

7:13 AM  
Blogger pete silva said...

note to self, eat at mickey D's in southlake. that would be so cute to see if that happened to sarah, you no thats true.

8:01 AM  
Anonymous Sarah said...

First of all, I clearly do not fear any type of rat or mouse. Why would it be so cute? Cause you think I'd eat him or what? That would be cute to see. Is that pic real or photoshopped?

8:03 AM  
Blogger Situ said...

it's a real photoshopped pic. Do you think if the rat was that big and obvious the restaraunt would have seen it before they handed it out. "ah screw it, they won't care there's a big, dead rat in their salad"

8:17 AM  
Blogger pete silva said...

it would be just so cute, in sarah voice "ohh a rat. its so cute"

8:39 AM  
Blogger Uncle Smokey Stank said...

Which is worse, the rat he has for a wide receiver, or the rat in the salad?

I'd say the one in the salad, at least its quiet.

1:50 PM  

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