Friday, September 01, 2006

News and Notes - Leinart Hurt and Charles Rogers Just Now Realizing He is Crappy

Patrick Chukwurah put the hurt on Leinart last night, literally.
The ‘Boys have locked up Romo.
The quote of the day comes from Lions WR Charles Rogers after the Lions lost their third straight preseason game with Rogers only contributing one catch. Rogers believes he will be cut by the Lions before Saturday when NFL rosters have to be cut down to the final 53 players. After the game he gave his jersey away to some kid.
Yeah, that's what I did, I thought it was time," Rogers said. "That's what I wanted to do. I thought it was time for me to do that. You know, we'll wait until Saturday but it don't look pretty. It would be hard for me to believe I'm still here after what just happened in this situation. I'd say my days are numbered." You can read the rest here.
I’ll admit I almost felt sorry for Rogers after hearing him put it that way. I said almost. Then I came to my senses and remembered he is a crappy player who never should have been drafted #2 overall. Oh yeah, and gain collarbones, Mr. Glass!
Brooks Bollinger’s a Viking. Does anyone care?
Sadly, Teddy Lehman isn’t putting his best foot forward.
When Sammy Morris deciding on taking steroids, I’m sure he thought two things: “These steroids will make me a feared, all-pro running back and I’ll never get caught.” Unfortunately for Sammy, he was wrong about both.
Finally, the Cowboys had a chance to win their final preseason game last night to go 4-0 heading into the regular season. Instead Vanderjagt missed two easy kicks that could have won the game so the ‘Boys had to settle for the tie. I just want to publicly take the time now to say, Vanderjagt you suck. You’re gay, gay, gay. You better get your stuff together. What might bother me more than Vanderjagt missing the kicks was what he said after the game.
“It will be fine, it's just preseason. I have the ability to turn it on when it counts." No you don’t loser, last time it counted you missed it by a mile. If you are still bothered by that miss against Pittsburgh, then go find Scott Norwood and cry together, otherwise step yo game up or Shaun Suisham will get your Super bowl ring.


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vandy is pretty gay for that.

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U know who else is gay, Donut Silva!

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