Tuesday, September 05, 2006

News and Notes - The Hellish Conditions of Alltell Stadium

It has been reported that Jaguars coach Jack Del Rio will make the Cowboys wear their blue jerseys on Sunday because Del Rio thinks it will give his team an advantage. Del Rio’s reasoning is that it will be so hot in Jacksonville Sunday that by having to wear dark colors the Cowboys will be A) uncomfortable B) dehydrated 3) their skin will melt. Okay, I have no idea what Del Rio’s reasoning is. Sure we all know that if you wear darker colors in the sun, it’s somewhat hotter than light colors but can it make that much difference? Hey Coach Del Rio, their jersey’s are blue not wool with long sleeves. They are a darker color not lined with goose-down. (The ‘Boys will strangle Leftwich’s fat goose-neck but that’s another story.) I guess the Jags fear the Cowboys sooo much they are trying to get every advantage they can. When you look at it that way, then I guess I don’t blame them.

C.J. Leak, better known as Chris’s older brother, is a Robbie Nelson. C.J. started out as a quarterback at Wake Forest, then went to Tennessee, where he couldn’t win the QB job. Leak then moved to safety for Tennessee and now he is playing TE for the Bills. I guess you could argue he is versatile, but I am still wondering what the Bills are thinking.

Adam Schefter, of the NFL Network, reports none of the teams in the NFL put in a waiver claim for free agent WR Charles Rogers (Lions). Gee, I wonder why?

Here is just one more reason why the Hitos (my fantasy football team) got their league sewed up.

Someone please tell me if this makes any sense. Joe Gibbs thinks that having a number “2” quarterback means that you actually have to play two QB’s.


Blogger pete silva said...

am i supposed to fear lamont jordan now?

10:54 AM  
Blogger pete silva said...

jack del rio is gay for that. i read that this morning

10:55 AM  

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