Friday, October 06, 2006

Stephen Jackson's Shoot-Out at the Skrip Club

I am usually one of the people who tries to give athletes the benefit of the doubt when they are accused of being troublemakers. But then there are some cases where guys just prove me wrong time and time again. Case in point, Indiana Pacers star Stephen Jackson. Jackson was previously most famous for a 30-game suspension he received from the league after going into the stands and brawling with Detroit Pistons supporters during the November 19, 2004 disturbance at The Palace of Auburn Hills. Now Jackson is in the news again and this time it isn't for his charity work with underpriveleged kids. Jackson was questioned by police early Friday after he admitted to firing his 9 milli into the air outside a skrip club. Jackson said the shots were fired in self defense, saying he fired after being hit in the jaw and then being hit by a car. In Jackson's defense, police say he has a permit for the handgun and no arrests have been made as of this time. More here.


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