Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Speeder's Mid-Season Updates

Most memorable moment of the year so far: Al Haynesworth stomping Andre Gurode

NFL MVP: Peyton Manning, Like always he has sick stats and his Colts are 8-0.

Offensive Player of the Year (different from MVP): LaDainian Tomlinson, He is 2nd in rushing, 1st in rush TD’s, and has more catches than Keyshawn, Terry Glenn, Antonio Gates, and Moss(Randy or Santanna). WOW!!

Defensive Player of the Year: …..TIE…..Champ Bailey, this was tough to choose cuz no one has been outstanding. He is 2nd in INTs, tied for 7th in PD, and 4th in tackles for Denver, plus his real name is Roland/ Urlacher is the best player on the best defense, 8th in tackles, and one tough S.O.B.

Rookie of the Year: Marques Colston, 4th in yards, 1st in TD’s. A huge reason the Saints are contenders, plus he was a 7th round pick!

Rookie Bust: John McCargo, 1st he shouldn’t have been picked 26th overall!!!! In 4 out of 8 games, he has 6 tackles! He probably wasn’t hurt he just sucks. I knew he would suck. Plus he sounds gay.

Surprise player of the year: Damon Huard, He is 2nd in passer rating, and has a disgusting TD-INT ratio of 11-1, and led the Chiefs to a 5-3 record.

Biggest disappointment of the year: Shaun Alexander, NO IT’S NOT THE MADDEN CURSE. He has played in 3 game and has 187 yards and 2 TD’s. I also took him with the first overall pick in our fantasy league. (Grinch to Pete, You’re an idiot!!)

Surprise team of the year (good): Saints, 6-2 is pretty damn good! Most people expected them to win 6 games max, and now they lead the NFC South. 007(Sean Payton) has done a hell of a job. JEARB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Surprise team of the year (bad): Dolphins, 2-6 and they suck. Culpepper was supposed to be their savior and he lost his job! Nick Saban has lost this team. Hey Stro, At least they will draft high next year.

Coach of the year: Sean Payton, SEE SURPRISE TEAM OF THE YEAR

First Pick in next year’s NFL Draft: Cardinals

AFC Champ: Chargers

NFC Champ: Cowboys


Anonymous bstro said...

dolphins WILL win out on the shoulders of joe college.... the pats will lost 5 of there last 8 (i wish) then horn will say WHAT!? then rose will say your gayyy

8:21 PM  

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