Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Who to Blame for Monday Night.......

I know exactly why the boys lost last night. The offensive line. Flozell, Kyle Kozier, Gurode, Marco Rivera, and Marc Colombo/J Fabini did terrible. Now I know football is a team sport, but it’s not the quarterback or the running back who wins games, it’s the fat butts. If you dominate up front on offense and defense, your chances of winning skyrocket and I can almost guarantee victory for you.

Yes Bledsoe made poor decisions as did Romo, but out of 37 pass attempts, they were sacked 6 times! Because of protection, O-Line , Julius, and TE’s, Dallas gave up a safety. If you didn’t see, LaVar Arrington (who is done for the year now with a ruptured achilles) came on a delayed blitz and nailed Bledsoe. From what I saw, Julius should’ve picked him up in that split second, but I’m not for sure what the Boys protection scheme was on that play.

Dallas couldn’t run the ball either. In football if you can run the ball effectively, I swear you will win madmo games. Not only does it wear down the opposing defense, you can grind out the clock and change the tempo of a game. It is very demoralizing to see a team run the ball down your throat. (Cooper vs. Temple)

The Cowboys ran the ball 21 times for only 69 yards (3.3 avg.) which is pitiful. On the other hand, the G Men carried 39 times 155 yards (4.0 avg.) which is solid. Because of this, the Giants had the ball for about 5 minutes longer. Our boy Julius, who came in with 3 consecutive 100 yard games, got shut down and only gained 30 yards. Hell, Brandon Jacobs had 40 yards! Dallas is now 3-3.

In their loss to the Jags, Dallas out rushed them but had 3 turnovers to the Jags 1. In their loss to Philly, Dallas again out rushed them but had 5 turnovers to Philly’s 2. Last night the G-men out rushed Dallas and had 2 turnovers to Dallas’ 4.

In Dallas’ 3 victories, Julius averaged 4.9 yards a pop, which is excellent. In 3 losses he averages 3.4 yards which is kind of sucky. When Dallas can run the ball effective and not turn the ball over (which is an obvious formula for success) they win.


Blogger Situ said...

jeez how what is the Cowboys turnover ratio for this year like +60?

4:25 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

excuse me I mean -60?b

4:26 PM  
Anonymous bstro said...

now im not a boy fan...but i think the line did horrible as pete said. the scheme they were blocking obviously did not work. If people blame bledsoe for the loss, then they should watch the game over. Bledsoe did mess up some, but being sacked 6 times is a poor effort on the o line. If u give bledsoe or romo time, the boys could be good, as much as i dont like to admiit it.

6:35 PM  
Blogger Mini Me said...

The O-line has been awful all year. You can't just magically fix it though. So it makes sense to play Romo cause he is much more mobile than Bledsoe. I do criticize Parcells for making the switch at halftime. They should have done it a week before when they were playing crappy Houston.

11:06 PM  

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