Friday, October 27, 2006

Hall Of Fame

There are three little words in sports that can be argued over for hours. No matter who you talk to, everybody's oponion will be different and thats why I love it. The NFL Hall of Fame is what's supposed to be very prestigious but has been a little watered down in the past few years.

With 111 names being submitted for election into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, today it got me thinkin' about some possible inductees. The obvious ones this year should be commisioner Paul Tagliabue, and Denver runningback Terrel Davis. But don't forget about the many ones who have already been eligible like Art Monk and Michael Irvin.

Others available for the first time include Bruce Matthews, Randall Cunningham, Mark Stepnoski, Eric Allen, The inventor of the Lambeau Leap, and Ricky Watters just to name a few.

Many people have argued that TD shouldnt be in and vice versa. But in my opinion if Gale Sayers made it in with a short career, than why can't TD? Terrell played a full season only four times. And he was the top back in his prime. I think he should definitely get in. Same argument can be made for Bo Jackson. Even though his career was cut short. The following is a list of RB's averages who were great.

Emmitt Smith - 4.2
Earl Campbell - 4.3
Eric Dickerson - 4.4
Walter Payton - 4.4
Gale Sayers - 5.0
Jim Brown - 5.2

Bo Jackson had a 5.4 and TD had a 4.6. So you decide who should get in.

As for Irvin, he had a great career and was the best reciever in his prime. But since he has lost so much fame in the recent months I am pondering whether or not he gets in. Oh and since this is so interesting, there will be many more posts about who should or shouldnt get in. Well, what do yall think??


Blogger Situ said...

this years class is pretty weak but they will feel like they have to put someone in. the HOF is watered down.

12:22 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

honestly none of them but TD are worthy for the HOF in my opinion.

3:27 PM  

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