Monday, September 11, 2006

Phil's Monday Morning Quarterbacks

Since I am the best QB in the household, I suppose I will give a quick break down of some QB’s who leave doubt in your mind. And depending on how they continue to play, could get their squads into the playoffs. Or vice versa. And yes, that is one of my favorite movies.

Lets begin with Culp
In Minnesota he just bombed Moss. In Miami, Daunte did not impress me. And I aint talking about that mall pizza. He seemed to not check down to his other receivers. On one play in particular, He stared down a target and Polamalu ate it. His passes were not that good and off target. He looked ancy in the pocket. Pete refers to Nance as Ancy, and says eh. Anywho, he looked very disappointing but so did the entire Dolphin squad. Hell, Dolph Lundgren coulda done better. Hopefully it was just first game jitters.

Donovan McNabb
A lot of questions surround this team but most notably at this position. McNabb looked amazing in the pocket (and out of it). I don’t see any lingering problems with his injuries from last year. And I know he played the gay Texans, but he still had madd mustard on his throws. This looks like the leader from 2004 that threw 31 TDs and 8 INTs. The gay Hitos got a steal in fantasy, and the Iggles may make some noise in the East.

Mike Vick
I have always thought he was a great quarterback. I didn’t say passer, I said quarterback. QBs have to win you games and that’s egg-sackly what he does. He gives the Falcons an extra dimension. Many people think that the Pan-thors have the best D in the league, and Vicky made ‘em look silly. Not only that, but the made J Pepp look slow! I will go on record and say that he is the most exciting QB in the league today. And if he continues to do what he do, then the Falcons are in for a good one. And write this down, I’m officialy on Vick’s n-u-t’s.

Chad Pennington
No matter what you hear, this used to be Mike’s favorite player (wink wink). And yesterday he looked like the Pennington of old. In my opinion, one of the most important statistics for a Q is completion percentage. The 2002 Pennington had a 69 completion percentage and was fantastic. This one had like a 76 completion percentage. Now I’m not saying that they’ll contend for the playoffs, what I am saying is that he saved his job. That’s what a little fire under you’re butt will do for ya. Just look at Drew Brees after Phil Rivers was drafted. He still won’t do better than Vick.

Steve McNair
McNair is such a great addition to this team. The Ravens have always been a team that would rely on straight D, and the offense would only have to put up like 13 points or so. That’s how they did it in ‘02, and Trent Dilfer was the type of guy who was good enough to not make bone head plays, but not good enough to win games alone. When Kyle Boller came in he was the exact opposite in the fact that he DID make the bone head play, and couldn’t win games. Now their vicious D has returned and McNair will NOT make stupid plays. With a Pro-Bowl calibur TE, WR, and possibly RB, he will put them in position to win football games. Add that nasty D into the equation and you got a team that will contend for a Division Title.

Carson Palmer
I’m not gonna say that if he didn’t get hurt last year, we might have a different NFL champion. But… get the picture. I really think that he was the best QB in the league last year. And I don’t have any reason to believe he’ll fall off this year. If he stays healthy, the Bun-gals might make some noise. Hell, the AFC North is interesting! The other day Albert and I discussed who had the best RB, WR, WR, QB, TE tandem in the league. And we decided on Dallas. Well, with the play from Bledsoe yesterday, I wanna change my mind and pick Cincy. Even though they don’t use a TE; Rudi, Chad, Carson, Khali, and Chris Henry are a pretty punishing O. And Carson is the head to their Vultron.

Alex Smith
He started to look like the number one pick yesterday. And even though it was against the Cardinal D, he stood in the pocket well and delivered. He did good at checking his reads. Frank Gore had like 80 yards receiving. Antonio Bryant went wild deep. Aikman credits all his glory to Norv Turner, and guess who is Alex Smiths coach. Yup, Norv Turner. Speaking of Aikman he is losing fame rapidly.

Peyton Manning
Nobody in the League, nobody, outworks Peyton Manning. He has the best instincts since Danny boy. And if he retired today, would be a first ballot HOFer. He has so much poise in the pocket, and even though he is almost as statue-ish as Bledsoe, he almost never gets sacked. That’s because of his 99 pocket presence. Anytime number 18 is on your team, you have a chance to win. He threw a few bad passes that coulda been INTd, but he’s still great. He will now have to pick up the slack since Indy has the suckiest run game in the NFL. And I know he can do it.

Eli Manning
All that brother hype was pretty lame. All it was good for was for that lovely home video when Cooper horse collared Peyton. Anyways, Eli played a hell of a game, excluding that last second INT. The Giants are sooo lucky that they have a Manning. The Giants season clearly rests on Eli’s shoulders. If he can get that 52 completion percentage up, the Giants may be in for one hell of a kuh-leek-ee-lee.

It’s too sad to speak about Favre….

Fat Boy
The Dallas D made pigma look pretty crappy at the beginning. Then for some reason, they just decided to switch rolls. Haha, rolls, no pun intended Leftwich. He looked pretty good late in the game and that’s exactly what you want in a QB. I hat to admit it, but Leftwich made some great plays with his arms that kept the Jags in the game. It also helps that the Dallas secondary just gave up. But if Fat continues to strive late in games, I wouldn’t count the gay jags outta the playoff picture.

Now, I saved the best for last…….

Drew Bledsoe
A 50 completion percentage! C’mon Bledsoe, you gotta do better than that. If the Boys want a chance to win games, you CANNOT have costly turnovers late in games. Bledsoe did a horrible job of reading his checks. He threw costly INTs late, and that just cant happen. He tried to force a lot of throws. He missed a wide open TO down the sideline. And how come whenever Bledsoe is under pressure, he just heaves it up to Witten in double coverage? It doesn’t help either that Flozell got his ass kicked. I know were not supposed to swear on Silva Sportz , but jesus Hotel. Arent you supposed to be a Pro Bowler? I know after this game many fans are calling for Romo. My only problem with that is this: If you let Romo start next week, what happens to the team confidence? Putting in a backup QB is basically like telling you’re team “yall sucked, we need to try something new.” And even though Bledsoe played pretty crappy, doesn’t mean the D has to let Matt Jones catch every pass! So I would Bledsoe start again next week, and if he does shitty again like yesterday, then I’d try Romo.


Blogger pete silva said...

you took alot of shots at your self if ya naw mean!!

and if you post cuz youre a Q, then i post a god rating cuz im lord

8:39 AM  
Blogger Situ said...

pretty accurate assessments I'll have to admit. I do disagree about Manning being statuish. did you see him bootleg against the G-men? Now Manning ain't the swiftest man but the way he ran the bootleg was textbook! Any Q's out there trying to learn how do sprint outs, watch Manning against the Giants. second, I will agree that I seriously doubt that Romo will start next week...however I don't think that if he does that would be negative to the team. Anytime a player can't get the job done, a coach would be a fool not to yank him for a backup who he thinks can get the job done. But that is case in point-Romo looked great in preseason but so did Bledsoe. Sure Bledsoe looked so bad yesterday that had I been on the sidelines I would have had no choice but to slap him, I think he needs another shot before writing him off. At the same time, the coaches see Romo everyday in practice and if they think he has what it takes, then sorry Drew. I seem to remember Bledsoe being on another team where some kid came in and straight took his job and has never looked back since. No Flozell on the other hand, I would yank him immediately and let someone else play. A lineman is different than a QB and Flozell was pretty crappy. yeah, yeah he looked pretty crappy.

1:10 PM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

well i aint tryin to assess tony romo since i've only seen him play in worthles preseason games against predominantly second teams. but if bledsoe keeps making bad decisions then i would try Romo. who knows what could happen. And as far as that manning comment, he is statue-ish, and the only reason he made great passes is cause of his 99 technique by keeping his shoulders square to the line, and pocket presence. so we are both kinda right on that one.

1:25 PM  

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