Friday, August 04, 2006

Speeder's NFC North

The Bears are my favorite by far to win this division. They return all 22 starters from an 11-5 team. On offense they added QB Brian Griese and return injured WR Mark Bradley, who missed 9 games and RB Cedric Benson who missed 7 games. Their defense is arguably the best in the NFL. 2nd in overall defense, 5th in pass defense, and 11th in rush defense. They added CB Ricky Manning Jr., and drafted DB’s Danieal Manning and Devin Hester. They have two electrifying return men in Manning and Hester which should boost their return game where they were 29th last year. The Bears are solid in every aspect of the game and should make a very deep run this year. Heath and Jim Belushishould be extremely excited!!

The Lions should finish 2nd in this division. I’m still not on this bandwagon but I know Mike and Phil are. They do have a solid QB in Kitna, but they lack playmakers after Roy Williams. Kevin Jones averaged 3.6 YPC last season and his longest run was 40 yards. The addition of Mike Martz is their best off-season acquisition. Although they have plenty of speed, their overall defense was 20th last year and out of all the projected starters their only added player is LB Ernie Sims. Now I am an Ernie Sims fan but I cant see this one man elevating an entire defense. Sorry Phil and Mike.

Favre shouldn’t have come back. The only playmakers the Packers have added is Charles Woodson and AJ Hawk. Many of their skill players were hurt last year and their return is a plus but the line lost too much to be good. They will struggle again because they aren’t good, and they will probably lose 5 of 6 division games. Nothing else too say bout this team.

The Vikings are an odd team. On paper they look good, but somehow they never seem to win in the end. I don’t think they have enough firepower to play in shootouts. Their only playmaker is Troy Williamson(15.5 YPC avg.) I have not bought into the Chester Taylor hype yet, but for Viking fans lets hope I’m wrong. They have a pretty good defense with those Williams boys in the middle, Raz, Napolean Harris, Chad Greenway, Winfield, Smoot, Cedric Griffin, Darren Sharper, Dwight Smith, and Greg Blue. Their D should keep them in some games, but it’s just not strong enough.

Predictions for NFC North:
1. Chicago Bears
2. Detroit Lions
3. Minnesota Vikings
4. Green Bay Packers


Anonymous phil said...

ernie simms wont make their D great. rod marinelli will.

10:11 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

The Bears are solid in every area? Then how do you explain 29th in total offense last year, 31st in passing, and what about the TE position? Also I know it's early in the season but both RB's aren't proving to be very healthy. And then about the defense that you love so much, why did they break when they really needed them as in against the Steelers they allowed 190 yds rushing and in the playoffs Steve Smith went wild with 12 catches for 218 yds and 2 scores. Look it up.

8:29 AM  
Anonymous Speeder's Dad in Saudi said...

Loved the Pic of Mike and Phil...
Keep up the good work Speeder, enjoy the reading. Kudos to SILVA SORTZ....Love ya guys

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Silva Boyz's Pops said...

Meant ... Kudos to SILVA SPORTZ

11:35 AM  

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