Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Quick Hits

Oklahoma Sooners Jr. quarterback Rhett Bomar has been dismissed by the team for receiving extra benefits. Bomar started 11 games last year. Now A.D. will have to leade the sooners all by himself.

Tennessee freshman tight end Lee Smith was arrested on campus after a policeman saw him driving on the sidewalk. He was charged with DUI Charges.

Thanks to Z. Rose for the Bomar news


Blogger pete silva said...

i bet J.R. and jerry are sad.

1:54 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

thank you Mr Bomar. I'll admit I feared the Sooners some this year, but now you just gave Texas a two year streak at the Red River shoot-out.

2:13 PM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

texas takes the big 12 with ease.

2:31 PM  
Blogger Willie B said...

That is fad, b/c i saw Mr. Bomar live, but ha who cares, All hail the Champs, UT!

3:10 PM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

is that fad? did you mean sad. and we did see him torch Coopah.

3:17 PM  
Blogger BSTRO said...

bomar sucks....ou sucks..... kyle wright would have beaten him out at ou texas am tech anywhere

4:30 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

Kyle Wright can barely start for his own team. But I guess at least he isn't a cheater. Remember when Wyatt Sexton went crazy?

5:55 PM  

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