Wednesday, August 02, 2006

NFC West in Phil's Eyes

The NFC West is kind of like the AFC South. There is a clear frontrunner in the division. And the other teams are fairly even, but not too far away from winning in a few years.

Arizona Cardinals
Lets begin with the 'Nals. Just because they are one of the best teams on paper, they still have to transfer that talent onto the field. There only addtion on offense was Edge, but he will improve them drastically. On defense they have cool players and not much has changed. A birght spot will be Adrian Wilson who led the team in tackles and sacks. There 5-11 record may be an overstatement to their play. There only wins came against the Eagles, 49ers, Rams, and Titans. Pretty easy victories if you ask me.

St. Louis Rams
The Rams still have a stable offense with Bulger, Seppi, Bruce, and Holt. If Bulger can stay healthy, they could contend for second place in the division. The defense is going to improve with the additions of Laroi Glover, Will Witherspoon, and Corey Chavous.

San Fracisco 49ers
The Niners are still the laughing stock of the league. They will improve because they can't get any worse. I don't want to mention them anymore because they flat out suck. It is almost impossible that a team could get this bad. All there draft picks will probably start.

Seattle Seahawks
Like the Colts, these guys are the class of their division. They'll get at least 4 wins in their division alone, so expect them to have one of the better records in the conference. The offense and defense will be one of the best in the league. Shaun Alexander won't run for 27 touchdowns again, but he will be in the top 5 rushers. The madden curse will fail this year, because Alexander looks the Barber boys. Screeches fake name was Barbara Bush.

Here's how they'll finish:
Seattle Seahawks: 12-4
Arizona Cardinals: 6-10
St. Louis Rams: 5-11
San Fransisco 49ers: 2-14


Blogger pete silva said...

he looks "like" the barber boys. cardinals will win this division

11:47 AM  
Blogger BSTRO said...

screech was also sinead o connor cardinals take the division with edge and leinart

12:01 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

"this is crazy, this is crazy,"
That's what comes to mind hearing that the Cards will win the division.

12:29 PM  
Blogger BSTRO said...

in nelsons voice: HA HA

1:44 PM  

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