Thursday, August 03, 2006

NFC South, Through My Eyez

The NFC South is the second toughest divisoin in the Conference behind the East. Let's take a look at how they fare this season.

Carolina Panthers:
The Pan-thor's have been in 2 NFC Championship games in the last 3 seasons, and they are still hungry. The bright spot for Carolina has been there defensive line. Ends Julius Peppers and Mike Rucker are two of the best in the business. DT Kris Jenkins has missed 27 games the past two seasons, and the other DT, Brentson Buckner, is gone. He kisses his cleats for family, so they brought in Maake Kemoeatu and Damione Lewis. On offense they only got stronger with the additions of Justin Hartwig and Keyshawn Johnson. Expect Delhomme to put up some big numbers.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers:
If the o-line can hold up, and Limo gets things rolling, (which he will), then the Bucs will once again contend for the playoffs. No huge additions or losses, but one year under Simms' and Cadillac Williams belts will help them drastically. Jon Gruden is one of the top coaches in the league, and Sarah thinks he looks like Pete from behind.

Atlanta Falcons:
Argue with me all you want, but the point of playing football is to win a superbowl. Now, don't get me wrong, Superbowls don't define your career , but every player strives to win one. So if Mike Vick can take you to an NFC championship by himself by running, what makes you think he can't do it again. Jason Whitlock said that a QB can never win a title if he can't read defenses and throw the ball. Norm Chow told Vince Young, that instead of being a running quarterback, he wants him to be an athletic passer. Well I'm telling Jim Mora, if you want to win, let Mike Vick RUN! The point is, if Vick takes off when he can, the Falcons will sneak into the playoffs and it will be a D-coordiantors worst nightmare to plan for #7.

New Orleans Saints:
All they care about is Reggie Bush . If he doesn't get 1,300 yards and 15 touchdowns, his season is a dissapointment, period. Drew Brees will make their offense better by leaps and bounds, but they still have to play in this tough division. So I'd expect them to finish last in the division.

Here's how I see 'em
Carolina Panthers: 11-5
Atlanta Falcons: 9-7
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 8-8
New Orleans Saints: 5-11


Blogger Situ said...

you say that you agree with me that this is a very tough division, right? to me a tough division means that the teams in it are good. Please tell me then how after the Panthers, your teams are barely .500?

4:30 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

he's weird? vick is still gay, dude should run on his own and if an NFL staff cant understand this and be on the same page they are all dumb.

4:54 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

Vick ain't gay...he's better than Pennington!

5:08 PM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

i said this is the 2nd toughest division in the NFC. you dont listen, you dont listen!

7:41 PM  

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