Friday, August 04, 2006

NFC North in my eyez

With new faces at the helm for 3 teams, the NFC north is cocked, locked and ready to unload.

Minnesota Vikings
First of all, head coach Brad Childress looks like the Air Bud clown. Second, old Brad Johnson got lucky last year. The Vikings look good on paper, but they have looked good on the field for the past few years and haven't produced a championship.

Green Bay Packers
This team clearly relies on the arm of Lord Favre. So don't expect them to go too far. New coach Mike McCarthy only is good with QB's. Out of their prime QB's such as Joe Montana, Rich Gannon, and Elvis Grbac. He got lucky with Gannon the Cannon. And unproven QB's like Matt Hasselback, Aaron Brooks, Delhomme, and Marc Bulger. A.J. Hawk will clearly lead this defense.

Detroit Lions
New Coach Rod Marinelli does bring alot more to the table than many think. He helped institute the Buc 2 with Monte Kiffin. Hiring Marinelli is the best thing for this organization since drafting Barry. Forgive me for my earlier bashing of the lee-owns, but if the players buy into what Marinelli is saying, expect them to finsih alot better than many think. Kitna still won't be good for fantasy, but I would give this team the "Most Improved Team" pick for '06.

Chicago Bears
Lovie Smith has transformed this team into a real contender for the Super Bowl. They have the easiest schedule in the league, and if the defense can come up big again this season, they will definately make a deep run. Expect Rex Grossman to continue on his improvements from last season.

How they measure up:
Chicago Bears: 10-6
Detroit Lions: 8-8
Minnesota Vikings: 7-9
Green Bay Packers: 2-14


Blogger pete silva said...

now do yall believe me that the bears are serious!!!

1:37 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

yes Pete we think the Bears are serious but Phil manned up and after using his great football wisdom he conluded the Lions are serious too. I still take them over bears.

2:50 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

wrong answer boy

5:11 PM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

the lions will give the bears a closer run than the 'nals will give the C-hawks.

6:05 PM  
Blogger Situ said...

and you'd win that bet...that means thanks phil you are correct sir.

8:07 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

i am dr. fuzzenstein!!

8:28 PM  

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