Tuesday, August 01, 2006

AFC East by Phillip

My posts are always last so after you read this, I will hit you up with my South. Oh, well Here goes.

Lets start with the Pats. When it comes to these fellas, they haven't missed a beat. After there Super Bowl 36 victory, we thought they wouldn't contend because of the Lawyer Milloy loss. They brought in Rodney Harrison, and he picked up where Milloy left off. After there Super Bowl 38 victory, we said "no team in this modern era can repeat". Who won Super Bowl 39? The point is you can never count them out as long as Belichik is coach and number twelve is behind center. They should easily contend for the East title.

The Miami Dolphins have a real shot at glory this year. With one season under his belt, Nick Saban should be ready to roll. Not like Todd Beamer though, because he never really said that. If Daunte Culpepper can stay healthy, they should hop into the playoffs. If he goes down though, sorry Robert Francis. Yeah the Phins have no chance without Culp. Ronnie Brown will improve on his 907 yards and 4.4 average now that he gets to carry the load. The defense is loaded again and Saban will unleash those state blitzes. Expect Jason Taylor to have a big season even though he got divorced. Sorry Willie B.

The Bills are so gay, so I don't want to write much about them. On paper, this is one of the crappiest teams in the league. On the gridiron, this is one of the crappiest teams in the league. Chris Kelsay and Willis McGahee are the only good players on this roster. Newsflash Ralph Wilson....WHY DO YOU THINK THAT CRAIG NALL AND KELLY HOLCOMBE NEVER STARTED FOR THERE TEAMS? BECAUSE THEY ARE 3RD STRINGERS! WHY DID YOU DRAFT J.P. LOSMAN? YOU'LL DRAFT BRADY QUINN NEXT YEAR!

The New York Jets are pretty crappy right now too. Kellen Clemens will be starting by week 3 or earlier, and Leon Washington will be too. There best off-season pick-ups were Andre Dyson and Kimo Von Oelhoffen. At least they'll finish ahead of the Bills. They'll be drafting in the top 10 next year.

Here's how I see 'em:
Miami Dolphins: 11-5
New England Patriots: 10-6
New York Jets: 6-10
Buffalo Bills: 5-11


Blogger Situ said...

why no NYJets love?

6:31 PM  
Anonymous andrewmsilva said...

Interesting that you think the Bills will be the worst team in league with 5 wins.

7:02 PM  
Blogger Phil Silva said...

that doesnt necessarily mean theyll have the 1st pick, but theyll get quinn

7:21 PM  
Blogger pete silva said...

the phins should win it

7:39 PM  
Blogger BSTRO said...

no pete, the phins will win it.....and jason taylor and zach thomas will not have tension between them..they are arguably one of the bests at each of there positions

9:52 PM  

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