Friday, July 28, 2006

Chiefs in Trouble

As we all know, the Chiefs are centered around their “mammoth” offensive line and great offensive attack. That could change this year. There are rumors circulating that Offensive Tackle Willie Roaf may be calling it quits. The 11-time pro-bowler started 10 of 10 games last year for K.C. If this is true, then the Chiefs would lose both Roaf and fellow OT John Welbourn(who also retired).

More bad news. The Chiefs also lost offensive guru Al Suanders to the Redskins. Saunders was the O-Coordinator for the Rams (1999-2000) when they won Super Bowl XXXIV. His stint with K.C. (2002-2005) helped rank the Chiefs “numero uno” in total offense all 3 years!!! If I were a team centered around offense, I wouldn’t be too comfortable losing my two bookends and offensive mastermind.

Predictions for AFC West in 2006:
1. Denver Broncos
2. San Diego Chargers
3. Kansas City Chiefs
4. Oakland Raiders

* At least you beat Geezoid !!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

did Whitlock write this???

10:13 AM  
Anonymous KCFreak said...

Hey its all good since they lost Al Suanders. Now if they lost Al Saunders, then they would be in trouble. It also helps that there new O-coordinator just happens to be Mike Solari, there ex O-line coach. So dont expect a drop-off in production. Plus LArry Johnson will run for 1,500. ....yes, LArry Johnson. Not Larry Johnson.

10:26 AM  

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